My thoughts

Alle mine opslag er blot mine tanker- så det kan godt være anstødeligt for nogle.


2. Dreams

We all have dreams that we want to come true... which also breaks our hearts sometimes.​

Do you know what is good about dreams?

You can be with people who are impossible to be with, in reality. 

You can be exactly where you want to be at all times because everything is possible in your dreams.

In mine, I am always with you. I am the girl you smile at from the stage because you want to show the fact that you care. 

You sing all the songs from your heart, and you look at me like I am the only one there. 

In my dreams, I can hug you as long as I want to, because you are mine. 

We would be young forever, so I know that we can be together forever- which is why I would never be afraid of losing you. 

I would feel like the luckiest girl alive when you would grab my hand in the middle of our walk in the park. 

I would never feel alone because I have everything I could ever ask for. I have you. 

At night you would play and sing to me. Songs that no one else has ever heard before. 

You would write them down in your notebook, so I could read them when I miss you. 

If we ever wanted to get away, you would take me to that only you and I know about. 


But do you know what the worst about dreams are? 

It is that even though they seem so real- they are not.

And neither is our story. It is all made up in my head. 

I do not even need dreams in my dream, because everything I dream of is right here. 

So I cannot be with you, or talk to you, as I want to. 

I can only see you from a distance, in a crowd, with thousands of other girls that feel the same way I do. 

One in a million is all I am to you.

Out of the dream I do not have- I do not have you. And because of the fact that you were never mine, I can never lose you, as I am so afraid of. 

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