Chasing a Symphony

Born into a rich and well-known family that leads Inu Akira to live alone in a rich so looking complex normal people call it. Since childhood emotions sealed away..lived a harsh childhood which hunts her every night until a certain gentleman awakes her reality from a long-lasting nightmare. Yet this gentleman hides a secret which might've changed her life completely.


1. ¤•Prologue•¤

"Get lost!" 

"Your nothing but trouble!"

"Just because your family is rich and noble doesn't mean you're better than anyone else."

It's all I heard from other children. Nothing but offensive language came from their mouths. They threw water at me. I'd be soaked from the water.

"I'm so sorry this won't happen ever again!"

"I'll make sure the headmaster hears your name."

"Really!? Thank you so much!" 

Teachers only coming to teach me because they were after fame. I'd cry.

"I heard the headmaster's daughter ..she's half-akuma."

"Her mother is an akuma?! What a disgrace."

My mother was a beautiful devil she looked like a yuki-onna. I'd hate gossip from others.

"You are to betrothed to the son of the Yuzuawa family. He's one year older than you." 

I was only 8 at the time. I don't like this marriage plan. I wish I had my own say in this.

"Huh? She's just a kid."

"She's only one year younger than you, master."

"Hmph since your gonna be my wife I will make you the finest of them all."

He's only here for appearances. I'm only here because I'm forced too.
"Milady it is time for school."'s probably full of different types of people. Coming home; I wrote a letter to an old friend that I used to play with when I was young.

"The school was okay but it seemed like I couldn't make any friends once again. I feel like I'm a bird who's wings has been harmed by the people of her own family. A bird who cannot fly free. I wonder how life goes on for you."


                                                                                                                             Akira Inu

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