Chasing a Symphony

Born into a rich and well-known family that leads Inu Akira to live alone in a rich so looking complex normal people call it. Since childhood emotions sealed away..lived a harsh childhood which hunts her every night until a certain gentleman awakes her reality from a long-lasting nightmare. Yet this gentleman hides a secret which might've changed her life completely.


2. ¤• How It Began •¤

¤• Earlier in the day •¤

I'm old enough to live on my own. I'm in front of my father who is the headmaster of the Inu family.
"I'm living on my own." I straightforwardly tell him.

We are sitting on the ground like in every traditional Japanese house should sit.

"You will not live on your own." He replies in a serious tone.

He's treating me like a child.

"I am going to live on my own even without your consent," I reply.

He immediately raises his voice and points at me.

"You will not live on your own because there are demons and akuma out there in the world after half-breeds like you!"

I've had enough of this unfairness in this family. I stand up and point at him even if it's disrespectful to point.

"I've had enough of this family and its mistreatment, unfairness, and its malicious crimes against me! You think of me as a disgrace like the rest of them do in this family. All of the other people are only after promotions, fame, titles. So they use me to get what they want so that you the headmaster give them what they want. But have you considered all the things they have done to me? The children? The servants and maids? The people that live here? You! All you care about is appearances. This family is all for appearances and I've had enough. I'm not something you can use to get what you want. I'm also a human being with feelings but you don't consider that because all you think about is that I'm a half devil. I'm living on my own without your consent whether you like it or not. Don't worry about the money or anything because I've got my own. I'm eighteen and I can take care of myself more or less I'm stronger than you pathetic full breed of humans who are weak. Only look for power to misuse it."

I cross my arms, take a deep breath, and wait for his response.

"Go live on your own but under one condition."

"Which is?"

"You're not allowed to meet any boys."

"Your condition doesn't apply to me anymore because I don't live here anymore and your not my father."

I left the room as soon as I cleared what I said.

"Hmph never once has she raised her voice at me or been disrespectful to me." Headmaster smiles.

¤• 5 hours later in the day •¤

The truck had left the mansion ages ago. I was long gone from that house as well. The car had stopped.

"Why the car stop?"

"Seems there's a bit of traffic milady."

"I'm surprised you even wanted to take me there personally, Yoku"

"Not at all. I shall serve you for the last time until the end of our journey there."

Serve? Yoku was always nice to me. I grabbed both of my arms.

"Yoku! Why don't you live with me!"

"Why Miss Akira?"

"You don't need to live a miserable life with my family."

Traffic stop. She didn't give me a response. It was like she was thinking about.

"Didn't you say you had a boyfriend by the town in Tokyo?"

"I did he lives in Tokyo.  He probably has a girlfriend by now."

"If I were you I'd have trust in him and have faith he didn't cheat."

"I'll come to Tokyo with you today if he still lives where he lives. I'll stop by and ask. If he's okay with me staying in Tokyo."

"Great choice."

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