Chasing a Symphony

Born into a rich and well-known family that leads Inu Akira to live alone in a rich so looking complex normal people call it. Since childhood emotions sealed away..lived a harsh childhood which hunts her every night until a certain gentleman awakes her reality from a long-lasting nightmare. Yet this gentleman hides a secret which might've changed her life completely.


3. ¤• Home Sweet New Home •¤

"Ah!" I kinda let out as I stretched myself.

"We're finally here Yoku." I turned to her but she was gone. I go outside but the car was gone as well.  

"She must've gone to see her boyfriend," I whisper to myself. It seemed like the movers had sorted out furniture and other things as well. It was like they knew how I wanted the how house to look like. I wondered how all the rooms looked like so I wandered off to see the whole house. It seemed like there were three bedrooms and three bathrooms. two bathrooms in both main rooms and a bathroom out in the living room. I bet this was the only house in Japan that looked American. My dad was American whether people believed it or not. He may not seem like it now because he's now a full-on Japanese tradition person but his attitude you can say is American indeed. My mother is full Japanese.  Although she was a devil. My father was the one who after my mother gave a birth. He chased away. Sometimes I wondered if my dad really even love my mom. I know where my mom is though even if my dad tried to keep a secret from me. I overheard a conversation when I was a kid. I'd visit her when my dad wasn't home. I knew when and how late he came home. It was late at home already 8 PM here in Japan. I thought about the time zone where I went to visit my grandparents in America.

"It's probably around...4 AM..." Even if I wanted to talk to them it'd either be night here morning there or morning here night there. The only time I'd get to talk to them would be at 6-7 AM here because it'd be 2-3 PM there. Honestly, I thought about how little food I brought.

"I should go out shopping. I still have time." I got my bag and keys and stepped outside the house. I locked the door and was off." I didn't know the area so I was hoping there'd be a store nearby. It seemed like there was a brand new one that opened at least 5 months ago. It was in the city of Japan, Tokyo. I lived by Kujukuri Beach, Although Kujukuri High School was far from the beach where I live. There was a school also a school that was unheard of nearby it was a bit of a walk but I could manage it. It was called "Kakeru High School." I had totally forgotten that I was in Kazekawa Grocery Market that I quickly brought the stuff I needed and left. I had a lot of bags in my left hand and was carrying a big paper bag in my right arm. The store was not so far but a bit far from where I lived. Mostly everything was a bit far from where I lived. I noticed I wasn't really in Tokyo I was in Chiba in Tokyo but it was alright because I was by a beach.

"Yuko must've traveled far to meet him...I wonder if she'll be back." I whispered. I kept walking as usual when I noticed a tall black haired guy was with a girl. She had mid-short long hair that was light brown. For some reason, I felt like it was a rejection. 

"A rejection in almost the middle of the night how rare." I thought to myself. I just kept walking. All the stuff I was carrying made it seem like It was very heavy for a girl but for me, it was really light cause devils are stronger than humans by five times. I was already past the park when somebody yelled out to me.

"Hey, you! The one with the bags!"  I turned around. It was the black haired guy.

"Is there something you need?" I politely ask.

"Don't you think that's way too heavy for a girl?" Of course, it wasn't but to him, it was since I was carrying about twenty bags all at once.

"Not re-" He started grabbing bags from my hands. I sulked. It was like an exercise for me on how much I can carry.

"You know I could've carried them all."

"You're crazy.. a girl can't carry all this. Twenty bags really?" His voice was really low and soft.

"It's not like I'm full human anyways," I whispered to myself.

"Did you say something?"


"Where do you live?" He asked.

"Kujukuri Beach."

"Kujukuri? That's far." He laughs. His laugh was kinda cute.

"I mean if you see it that way."

"You're not from around here are you." 


"You can tell. If you don't really know the distance from where you live to the groceries." Before we knew it. We were at the beach. I really didn't want to show him where I lived furthermore let him in but he was so persistent.

"So where do you live?"  He seemed like someone who isn't talkative but for some reason was talkative with me.

"On that hill on our left."

"Oh wow, you really do live by the beach. Seems like the only house here."

"I guess." We stopped in front of my door.

"I can handle it from here," I say.

"I won't let you. You shouldn't be carrying all this. I'll help." he insisted. He was so persistent that I just let him in. I turned on the lights and went to the kitchen.

"Wow this is a big wide house and it's not even two storage high."

"It's really isn't anything. The kitchen is over here." He was coming to me. I was already unpacking the bags. I'm very quick at things.

"How'd you unpack the bag so quickly?" He questioned.

"I do things quickly." He put the things on the table and unpacked them.

"You know you don't have to unpack them." I just wanted him out of the house.

"Can I look around?"

"Go ahead just not my room." He wandered off. I was putting away stuff in order.

"Say!" He yelled from a room. I was looking for him. He was in one of the empty rooms.


"Why are there three rooms but two of them are empty."

"Good question I don't even know myself."

"You don't even know?" he smirks.


"Don't you live with anyone?"

"I just moved in today. I'll be living alone." He was in the living room. He opened the glass door to the patio.

"You live alone in a huge wide house not even two storage high with three bedrooms and three bathrooms with a great patio that has a wonderful scenery twenty-four seven?"

"Okay, that's true but overexaggerating."

"Hmm..say do you know what school you're going to?"

"Not yet."

"Well if you find out you should text me." He left me his number on a paper. He waved goodbye and finally left my house.

"He took too long.." I sighed. I didn't even eat dinner of how tired I was. i just went to bed.

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