Chasing a Symphony

Born into a rich and well-known family that leads Inu Akira to live alone in a rich so looking complex normal people call it. Since childhood emotions sealed away..lived a harsh childhood which hunts her every night until a certain gentleman awakes her reality from a long-lasting nightmare. Yet this gentleman hides a secret which might've changed her life completely.


4. ¤•First Day Of School•¤

The only reason I moved to Kujukuri Beach was that the person I work for sent me here. For many years behind my fathers back I've been training to become a bodyguard of high class. After I learn there was a specific program that accepts monsters as bodyguards and rewards them with titles like "Son of God" I decided to become one. I've achieved what I wanted but in return my "Master" the one I protect sent me to a school here at Kujukuri Beach that has a class especially for bodyguards. I Honestly thought he thought I needed more training but he explained to me I'd be protecting his grandson that goes to that school. His grandson has been neglecting protection for a long time and he wanted me to secretly protect him. If he were to find out to still continue to watch over him because soon I'd be his personal bodyguard for my master is dying. All I could do was agree and nod back. Of course, I was told to go in my bodyguard uniform to school. I quickly got out of the shower. I wore my white skinny jeans, a white button-up shirt that has my golden badge the ends of the neck flaps were golden too, a white tie, and low white heels. For this was my uniform. I wore my hair loose. I just brushed it to make it super silky. I wore some scented perfume because my master always told me to wear perfume or at least make myself pretty. I wore some lip balm. I grabbed my bag, dumped my cell phone in and left. I was remembering Master Chigira had said. His grandson is not talkative at all because people fuss over him too much. He gave me a picture of him. Where did I put the picture?

"Say say! Whos that is she a model?"

"Is that gold on her shirt?!"  Wow, gossip is starting... I kept on walking and eventually got to the faculty office. 

"And whom may you be?" Asked a lady. Suddenly turned a man dressed exactly like me but in black. Hmph he must be the bodyguard teacher. He suddenly choked on his water.

"AH! You must be the "Son of God" He yells.

"I am. Starting today I'll be in your class."

"Say who's bodyguard are you?"

"Master Chigira's. The grandfather of Chigira Seito. I'm here to protect him as well. Please keep in mind this information is to be kept a secret."

"Very well then." The class bell had rung. 

"Well, classes are starting. Time to introduce you." I followed him to class.

"Come in!" I opened the doors and closed them behind me.

"My name is Akira Inu. My title is "Son of God". I am the only one currently in the white high ranks. If you're lucky enough and show me your skills I get to put you on my team as well. Pleased to me you." I said acting a bit cocky.

"No way they gave that title away already! There only one of that title!"

"Not to mention she's a white bodyguard as well." I could feel the jealousy in the room. I sat down in the corner by the window. The teacher didn't need to tell me anything.


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