Letters To Myself

Book cover made by Movellas user Lily Anna!

*Completed standalone YA novel approx 57,000 words*

Winner of Nanowrimo 2017!

Seventeen year old Morwenna is struggling as a student in her school's sixth form. On top of that, she has to deal with a creepy house nearby with mysterious visions, her Mum expecting a baby and exploring privately her sexuality and identity. When things get rough at home, she decides to leave and start afresh but at what cost? Written in a mixture of diary entries/letters, poetry and prose, Letter To Myself tracks the life of a young girl over the course of a single year.

Only edited for spelling and grammar mistakes, plotline has not been edited. Suggested readership is 15+.


42. 42.

Dear Myself,
This letter will be full of spooky happenings and some rather loved-up moments with Michelle and I as taking on a dare set by one of our fellow students on the course Gaia who revealed about a mysterious, boarded-up shop about a ten minute drive away behind the back of some houses. Used to be a corner shop selling the general items like bread and milk but now covered in mold, cobwebs and dust yuck. But to complete the dare itself, we had to spend one hour in the shop together and not get caught. Bit difficult when you get warned it's haunted supposedly due to some old evil spirits lurking around. It was so tempting after the house incident with Leia to say I wasn't in the mood of playing the fool like that. But then again, I felt adventurous and knowing that Michelle needed a distraction from things, it seemed to tick that box perfectly. 

We picked the day that neither of us had College or work placement to attempt this dare and it also had to be during the evening and not in broad daylight. What could go wrong? We make too much noise and end up having to scarper out before the cops are called on and in serious hot water with just about everyone I could possibly think of. The house was empty when we left it, both parents out at work and not seeing any nosy neighbours around, we set off using the directions that Gaia had messaged us on Facebook the previous day. I have to admit even if you know an area well, you can still find yourself standing outside the wrong house. They all look the same around here to me so one wrong move, a knock (reference to my novel) and you’re doomed.

On arriving, the old shop was indeed bordered up but there was a hidden way to get round. One of the side windows down the little alley had a wooden board that was mainly loose and could easily be pulled away. Michelle wore gloves as she yanked the enormous piece of wood away and placed it against the stone wall. All of a sudden, the window was clear to step through, bearing in mind that stepping on broken glass will easily cut through your skin. She went first, taking with her the torch and flashed it through the rooms that were now displayed in front of our eyes. It was generally a large sized shop in the past with multiple storerooms. A faint smell of dump lingered in the air making me sniff in disgust. The stories of events that took place in these rooms interested me, being keen to try and unlock this mystery.

Our first lot of exploring around were the storerooms at the back of the building. Some of the old shelves remained but the wood starting to rot away due to lack of use and care. Trying to guess what used to be in this room was a fun and quick guessing game. I said sweets, Michelle said toilet rolls making me giggle. Most of the old materials and posters were long gone but the spiders were certainly around to party. One landed on my shoulder making me shudder in horror, not being able to scream in fear of being caught almost made me faint but calmly, my girl brushed it aside and swore with a whisper not to hurt me. The last but main room we were in was the front of the shop, the counter, an old lightbulb above our heads, once busy and alive and now, dead as a stone. Timer set, we had one hour to just sit around and hear the sounds of our own heartbeats.

If someone was lurking around, my main was to try and karate chop them but Michelle’s idea was to find an old wooden board and whack anyone in the face with it. Funnily enough, there was internet signal and so we were able to get YouTube up on my phone but choosing what non-spooky things to watch would be a challenge within itself. Super tempted to put on the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons but knowing how loud my laughing can sometimes get, I could end up laughing my way into getting arrested. Whoops. A few cars passed by outside but again, we were alone, just the two of us. Sitting down on a dry part of the stone floor, we snuggled underneath a small blanket I had packed in our supplies bag and watched videos.

The more we sat there and watched together, the comfortable we started to feel. There didn't seem to feel like any bad atmospheres or scary traps around which in some way, I did feel slightly disappointed. It is the time of year to curl up and watch or read scary things but with nothing else much to do, I started to feel annoyed with the wasted time. The students at City College were totally wrong about the haunted shop in the first place! A horrible joke, I hated the idea and experiences of being lied too. When the hour finally passed, I turned off YouTube and turned to face Michelle, pulling her in for a much needed and loved kiss. I don't write in great detail about the passions we share behind closed doors for each other but let me reassure you Diary, that behind the scenes, we truly feel together as one.

So, we kissed for a short while before texting Gaia to tell her off for the untruths surrounding the ghosts and spirits around before heading back out the same way we came in. Something spooky happened though, once we were outside and starting to talk in normal tones again, a shadow of a person suddenly appeared on the side reflected onto the stone wall. It was coming from the back of the shop, again overgrown just like the house was. Michelle tiptoed round to check but shook her head in confusion, no-one was around. Leaving quickly, I swore that I could see a figure walking in the direction we took but after a quick blink of the eye, they were gone.

At least I have some ideas for some spooky stories for next year’s Halloween, just need to find somewhere truly spooktacular I guess!



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