Collision Course

Earlier this year, I wrote a collection of poems during a really rough patch. I've shared them online before but just not on Movellas. Please be warned that most of the poems featured here, do heavily feature aspects of anxiety and states of depression.


2. Never Gonna Leave

Walls have trapped me inside
Singers through lyrics
Say to break them down
No matter how hard I try
I simply can’t seem to follow
Always struggled with instructions
Despite the simple tasks
That a teacher instructs you to do
During a busy class
Across the social hubs online
All my old friends are having fun
Either travelling the world
Or yelling to others that they’re done
Of course, they say that adulthood isn’t easy
But then again, who said that life was?
I’m trapped in this forbidden cell each day
Hours turning sunlight into starry skies
That scream out towards me
I need to stay alive
Every door I’ve tried
Always seems to slam shut into my face
Where will my efforts take me next?
Must try to make some haste
Before the attempts are in vain
Never, never, never
Demons I never seem to see
Scream back at me

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