Collision Course

Earlier this year, I wrote a collection of poems during a really rough patch. I've shared them online before but just not on Movellas. Please be warned that most of the poems featured here, do heavily feature aspects of anxiety and states of depression.


12. Lying

Just a little bit I waited
Doubting before I finally sought help
The cure for my issues
Surrounding my mental health
But no longer will I ask again
No wonder I don’t trust a soul
This person lied to me
About the attempts to resolve
Who I used to be
Jigsaw pieces back together and complete
Not this time in this life
Now scattered off a cliff
Into the murky ocean below
Where they will sink into the depths
Of the wet sand and seaweed
Where fish go to rest
Others say I can make it
Go far with my goals
I say
Never to believe them one bit
Lies I am told

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