Collision Course

Earlier this year, I wrote a collection of poems during a really rough patch. I've shared them online before but just not on Movellas. Please be warned that most of the poems featured here, do heavily feature aspects of anxiety and states of depression.


9. Little Comments Hurt The Most

If I am unable to venture outside
For long periods of time
It’s because I’m generally scared
Of all of the people I may find
That caused such a damper
On my already confusing life
Keeping myself busy
Is already a struggle
Since I hate myself so
Even my writing
Can be affected by one remark
Such as ‘it sucks!’
All the spam I receive
On my blog posts
So close to hitting delete
Thumb sore from tapping the report button
For what I do
The littlest respect
Feels me up with regret
Of what I want to do

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