Collision Course

Earlier this year, I wrote a collection of poems during a really rough patch. I've shared them online before but just not on Movellas. Please be warned that most of the poems featured here, do heavily feature aspects of anxiety and states of depression.


3. I Felt Your Love, I Now Feel Your Hate

It’s not me, it’s you
Tossed aside like morning dew
That gets soaked up by the sun rays
Each morning on most days
How you’ve made me feel
Is one of the worst kinds
Hours of conversation we once shared
Now buried under cobwebs
I know you’ve moved on
But questions still remain
I seriously don’t understand
Why love as friends has now turned to hate
Was it a course of jealously?
Or did have a hidden side?
Were you one of evilness?
That lurks behind your eyes?
Feeling that one day
You will realise
Just how upset and amounts I cry
Have mounted up to bitterness
That I no longer can hide


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