Catherine wins two tickets to go to Dreamscape, a place that transports you to a magical land just by sleeping. She takes her best friend, Zack, with her and while in the dreamscape they get trapped and have to try to find another way out.


1. One

“Welcome to Dreamscape,” The instructor tells everyone over the loudspeakers. I won two tickets through my high school to go to Dreamscape and decided that I would go with my best friend, Zack. “Before we leave I have to say a few rules about the ride. First, no putting your hands out the side of the ride. Even if this is basically an extremely slow roller coaster, that doesn’t mean you can’t fall 100ft onto the hard cement floor and die.”

The crowd, waiting to get on the ride starts to look concerned. “That also goes for the second rule, no taking off your seatbelts until I say so. Third rule is to have fun! It’s not every day you get transported to a magical world just by sleeping! Now everyone get into a cart of the ride, two to a seat.”

We hop in a cart, the one right behind the instructor. The cart smells like lemon-scented cleaner and is covered in a galaxy design. Currently, we are outside of the dome and in a small, brick building where you check in and get on the ride to reach your pods.

“Okay,” the instructor continues, “we will begin our trip to all of your pods and into the dome!”

Zack looks over to me and says, “I bet that this is just all a scam, and all they do is have a bed that you sleep in and then, BOOM! You dreamed! Yaaaay! I mean, c’mon Catherine, how else would they ‘transport us into a magical world.’” I roll my eyes. “Remind me to never take you anywhere again,” I jokingly say.

The ride starts moving, and we enter a gigantic glass dome. “Woah.” All around in the dome, there’s rails that are basically floating in the air with no support. The pods are up in the air with one support beam on each one and some platforms attached to the beams so you can get into the pod. There are a couple other carts driving on the rails, with other designs on them; one is tye-dye and another has a firework design.

“Now, here’s the rules for when you’re in the dreamscape. Stay where you can see the pod in case your in danger. This isn’t like normal dreaming where you can’t feel pain or once you die you wake up. If you lose a limb, once you wake up it’s gone. When you enter the dreamscape, your body goes with you. I hope that all of you read your contract, by the way.”

Zack and I just stare at each other for a second, concerned, until he says, “So there’s a chance we’re gonna die now, right?” “Apparently so.” I just shrug, even though I’m actually terrified. Why didn’t I just read the contract before signing? Also, why was my SCHOOL giving away free tickets to death?

“We are now approaching some pods. If you have pod 165-170 get ready to leave.” We stop and the instructor tells someone to get off and onto a platform where someone else who works there is standing.

We stop a few more times, and then the instructor says, “Next is pod 205-210.” I glance at my ticket again, and we’re in pod 205. “Hey, are you ready to go Cat?” “Yeah.” We hop out of the cart and walk on the creaky platform and over to the employee that’s by the pod.

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