My Desire

(in progress)

My Desire, is a story of a two young hearts,their journey during the college days, and who desreves who?,she shows all her love on him, but he refuses it with vague heart, And finally she becomes his desire.. will she accept him for the rest of her life?


1. Prologue

          “Jaden… please listen to me… I don’t want to end it in this way.. and you know how much you mean to me..! so please… don’t go…” she was holding his hands… and her eyelids trembles with all of the emotions that she had on him, and the tears rolling from her eyes and it reaches her heart shaped chin. Jaden with his pale expression, just sitting by facing her. He was so heartless while she pours all her feeling she had on him. The salty wind flows all over the place with buzzing sound  and, the clouds pretends to be moody. The tide  shows its vigorous act as if its going to swallow the shore with its wildest waves.


“Sarah its  not gonna work between us, just understand.. I have no feelings for you. So leave me alone”, his voice were so harsh,  he threw her hand in air and left the place. Those words banged her heart. She had no clue on his heartless behavior, The moody clouds starts to shower with a thunder along with a lightening, she was sitting in a seashore bench, with all drowned hair, her shoulder was shivering in a cold wind, her hand cross hugged her chest. She closed her eyes and all the memories just flashed in her mind.  





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