My Desire

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My Desire, is a story of a two young hearts,their journey during the college days, and who desreves who?,she shows all her love on him, but he refuses it with vague heart, And finally she becomes his desire.. will she accept him for the rest of her life?


3. Chapter #2

Chapter #2


       Sun beam falls across my room, I can feel a fresh warm breeze that comes towards the window. Oh where am I, was that a dream?, who was that handsome figure that I saw in my dream!, My heart starts to pound faster,… the ticking sound of the clock rhythms randomly into my mind, which was placed on the small ornate brown table. It was 6.00 am ”hey careful honey”, OMG…..It keep on echoing  in my   mind, oh!.... who the hell was that and why is he coming into my dream all the time? , is he someone I already know? , But the place in the dream seems very unfamiliar! And why is that place coming in my dream all the time? , sarah was sitting on the bed with messy hair and on pajamas, “ wake up sunshine!, its time!, you wanna join  me for a jogging!?, Nichol knocked the door before entering, He was wearing a Jogging suit and  carrying a bottle of water in hand, “Yea dad…! Just give me a minute”,   my dad is a morning bird, he usually wakes up in the morning.  I was brushing my teeth by staring the beautiful reflecting mirror. The dream came into my mind in a flash; grrhh.. this dream is bothering me, “its 6:30 sarah, come  soon, I have a meeting today, I can’t be late for that”, “dad I am coming”, My dad and I was jogging on the pathway, he is a very good companion, The fresh breeze washes over my face and I can feel the wind that touches my eyelashes, “good morning Mr. Nichol”, ”have a good morning Edward”, Edward is a lawyer, he is a tall man with dirty blond hair and has dark brown pupil, who carries a serious face for his entire life, but today  he seems totally different, he was very happy when he crossed us, He lives in our colony with his family,  We headed to the park, where I could see many workout freaks doing the exercise, some were jogging, some were sitting on the bench near the pond and some kids were playing in the playing area which were allotted to them, “Mrs. Mohan, what are you doing here?, “ I asked in surprise, when I saw the grandma who was sitting on the bench, her name is Visalaatchi Mohan, she seemed so worried, “Grandma, what happened?, why you seem so worried?, is everything alright?”, the sorrowness in her face reflected in her eyes. “My daughter in law is in serious condition, she is suffering from Lukemia (Lukemia is a kind of cancer, which affects the blood cells; in severe condition, it may leads to death) she is in 3rd stage, so my son is planning to shift here with his family, I am really worried about her, sarah”, I could feel the emptiness in her heart, “granny don’t worry, when are they coming?” “they will be here on Monday dear”. This grandma is living alone in this house since from her husband died due to heart attack, she is a green card holder and now atleast she got her family back, now this house may fill with good vibes. “sarah…. Dear! are you coming?, I ill be late for the work!”, Nichol with a heavy breadth called sarah, “dad you go, ill come with granny”, I should give a company to her, she is not in a good mood, since she is worried about her family.


“Granny I do have a problem, I guess you are the right person to solve my problem.” I asked her in questioned face, “sarah dear… just ask me I will try my best” she gave her pleasant smile. “I am always having a dream, the same person is coming in my dream who tries to rescue me all the time, but I can’t see his face, and also he is very unfamiliar to me, why is the same guy should come into my dream?, its bothering me a lot , could you please help me out?”, I asked her curiously, “so sarah could you tell me at what time you are having that dream?” she asked me as if its very normal. “granny all the time! When I sleep,” my face grown red!  “oh honey do you remember the whole dream when you wake up?” she asked me with half smiled, “yes.. I do remember the each and every move of the dream”, I answered her in overwhelming manner. “sarah, I have heard from my ancestors, as if you get a repeated dream, It has many chances to come true..!”she said just like that. But It started to ache in her heart. Her vision again went deep into the dream that she had last night. “hey careful honey”, sarah was staring in a stunt , those place came into her mind in a flash. “sarah you alright?, have some coffee dear” Ms. Visalaatchi handed a cup of coffee to her. “thank you granny, I am so eager to see your family”, by saying that, she placed the coffee on the teapoy, by taking a sip.

“sarah here is our family album, have a look”, she gave her a album which seemed very old. “I was searching for this my whole life, how lucky I am, atlast I got it..! you can see my entire family in this album sarah! Have a look”, she could see a beautiful family, in typical Indian style. Mrs.Mohan is actually from south India, Mr and Mrs. Mohan had come to California on their earlier days, it almost been 20 years. They visit india once in a year. But I haven’t seen their son or anyone of the family except them. I could see a beautiful young family. “granny is this your son and his family?” I asked her in a polite way, a bit of excitement came up. “yea dear, see here is my grandson, he is one of the naughtiest fellow in our family, and she is my charming grand daughter, look how pretty she is”, Mrs.Mohan’s eyes shines in love, the wrinkles in her face seems faded in happiness. She  was over exaggerated while pointing out the members in the family.

Though its weekend , morning well spent with granny, my cell rang,”sarah…! Where are you,  I am at your home waiting for a while” Naina shouted at her like anything. “OMG when did you come,  I am coming naina wait”, sarah answered her in laughing manner. “ok granny will see you later, my bestie is waiting for me for so long, I got to go”, she placed a goodbye kiss on her forehead. “and thank you for the coffee”, she uttered those words and rushed to her home. “Naina how long you been waiting for me?, why didn’t you call me, once you reach!... I didn’t know you will be coming! “ Sarah phrased a long sentence, whereas Naina just gave a pouted reaction to her, “sarah I thought you will be at home, whatever..!!, where you been?” “I was at my neighbor’s home nania, this old lady is so worried about her family, who are  boarding  this evening to California, her in law has leukemia it seems, the whole family is coming for her treatment here”, sarah face seemed worried, with some kind of excitement. “and you know she got a grand son and daughter, they gonna continue their studies here I guess”. “ooooo… ‘A GRANDSON?’ so someone gonna have a handsome guy on her next door”, Naina grinned and raised her eyebrows by saying it. “shut up bitch , I didn’t even had that thought,” sarah gave her a company by grinning as well. “sarah you know my birthday is heading, I came here to grab you for a shopping, come its already 3.00 now, I do have some arrangement to do for my party”, Naina’s eyes twinkled when she said those words. “ohh.. yea Naina, even I am very much excited, I have no idea which outfit should I put on your party, since its ‘BBP’ (Bestie’s Birthday Party) “ they both busted out laughing.

“Mom I am going out for a shopping with Naina,ill be back soon”, sarah shouted to her mom, who was washing the plates at kitchen, “whatever dear! be here before dinner!” Mrs.Nichol is a cool head type. Naina and Sarah headed to “Union Square” the best shopping mall in California, since Naina’s father is one big shot in the city, she is not bothered about ruining the money on anything.  “Sarah please don’t ignore to get whatever you want, if you like any dress, don’t hesitate to say that ,’ I am your bestie bitch’…., I got my dad’s card, we can swipe all we want”, she said in a confidential tone, sarah rolled her eyes up, and said “yea” They both stepped into the mall, “Naina I guess this would suit you, you will rule this party if you wear this one, I swear!”, sarah took a bold red color short dress and tilted her face up, but she couldn’t find Naina. “you have to come to my party, Mike,” what ? is she talking to that Mike Edward..! grhhh, Mike Edward is friend of Richard, they both stick together always!, though Mike is also another freaking charm, he got attitude. He always carried along with good chicks during the lunch hours. Thank god atleast  we be separate on our class hours. Sarah came near to Naina “hey what a surprise Richard, what you doing here?” She asked by giving a bare stare at Mike. Since they both stick together, I knew he would be with Richard, she Grinned. “did you smell your girlfriend here? Uhh ?” she teased Richard by punching her bestie on her shoulder. “Haha… Naina , you still roam around with this looser?” Mike Put a word back with an evil grin in his face. “guys enough, ok Richard ill meet you up at the evening, don’t forget to pick me up”, she kissed him and chucked out the conversation. Mike with his evil grin left the place. “grhh I hate this Mike , I hate this miserable irritating specimen” Sarah tapped her leg on the floor furiously. “Honey just ignore him, and check out this stunning outfit, this would suit you better”, Naina placed a dress on sarah, and pouted her mouth.

“I am home”, Sarah slammed the door, once she entered the home, “honey easy!” “sorry dad, where is mom?,” sarah sat on the sofa and took the pop-corn bowl that kept on the teapoy. “sarah, I am here, come and help me with this” Emily shouted from her top of her voice at the store room. “mom what you doing at the store room?”, “No honey Mrs.Mohan asked for the  old empty boxes to keep some old stuffs, could you please help me out with this?”, she handed the empty boxes to sarah and asked her to place it in the garage.


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