My Desire

(in progress)

My Desire, is a story of a two young hearts,their journey during the college days, and who desreves who?,she shows all her love on him, but he refuses it with vague heart, And finally she becomes his desire.. will she accept him for the rest of her life?


2. Chapter #1

Chapter #1

~ sarah~

         “Good Morning.. Ms.Maiden”, the whole class roars. Ms. Maiden is a stout middle aged long faced woman, she was wearing a dress in green colour with olive based shade. Her specks sits on the broad nose bone, she scans the students by narrowing her eyes, which seems very terrific. I was sitting at the corner of the window , where I could have a clear view of the boys campus, I was wearing a bold black tang top and sky blue jean. I tied my bold dark black hair, a messy bun, which carries moderate outlook, I am 5.6ft tall with average toned body, my skin molded in dusky colour, whereas my look has INDIAN touch, yes my dad is an Indian and my mom is an American.….and……..its a long love story though, 

I called my only bestie in college Naina, she picks the call in one ring “where the hell are you, that BIG FAT LADY has come”, I shouted her in a husky scream, Naina  replies with no rush “ya ya coming, ill be there in a minute”,Ms. Maiden voice rises “Ms.Nichol can you please switch off your phone? Else you end up in trouble!”, I replied in a low tone,”sorry Ms.Maiden”, And there she comes, “May I get in Ms.Maiden”,Naina asks in a normal way as if its not a big deal, ya she doesn’t give any damn about anything. Ms.Maiden looks her by raising her head and says “you can come for my detention class,you can go now Ms.Naina”,Naina gave me a shrugged look and went away.


Bell rang, since its not a high school, students were just sitting and chatting, some were using their handsets, and some bookworms sinked   into the books. Oh..! I forgot to tell you that  The whole campus is completely filled with chicks. Yes it’s a women’s Arts and Science College, and the campus next to us is the Men’s Art and Science college, but the happiest part is, we both has  common lunch hall. It is a lunch break, so now I am heading to the lunch hall, where I can see bunch of handsome freaks sitting and having their lunch, My eyes was searching for the table, where Naina was sitting, a loud voice heard, “Hey chick here I am, com’on here”, and there she is, Naina with dirty blond hair was sitting on a table which is exactly opposite to those handsome freaks. She was ready with her lunch, were she bought from cafeteria, since I have a typical cultured father, I carry my own lunch from home.

I just sat near Naina my only bestie in college, she was having a whole American food stuff(Beccon, Lettuce, Ginger Bread omelet and a coco- cola)  in her plate, “sarah will you open your lunch box, I am very much excited!, what you bought today?”, Naina shows the excitement on her blue beaded eyes. I opened my box , I can smell a delicious Indian chenna curry and  4 pieces of butter Naan ,my mom Emily Nichol is very good in cooking the Indian food, this is how she shows her love to dad. Naina with drooling mouth exchanges the food, “Hey beautiful …!”,Richard enters into the chapter, he has a emerald green eyes with magnificent smile, his hair is black in colour which gives more beauty to his white masculine sports body, He is one of the dream guy for most of the girls in our campus.He kisses Naina and sits beside her for the lunch. Yea… He didn’t call me “a beautiful”, He was praising his girlfriend. And I don’t have a boyfriend, were I don’t show much interest on men,oh.. which doesn’t mean like I am a lesbian, I too have a feelings for men, but I didn’t see my dream guy yet, to fulfill my desire.

 A day went just like that, I dropped my bestie at her home, and she waved me a goodbye kiss for the day. Once I reach my home, I have a hobby of saying “hai” to a grandma, who lives next to my home. She is something special to me, only because she is an Indian, since from the day 1 of my life, I have never seen any Indian other than my father, she has different qualities when compared to any American here. She wears typical Indian saree, and a bold red round bindhi, and she braids her hair. She also lights candle(vilakku) to her hindu gods and worships them with whole hearted at the evening which is a usual routine for Indians mostly Hindus. She use to share her personal things with me. She feels it relax  her all the time. She is the only woman who lives next door of my home, and I have a soft feelings for her.sometimes the things that she shares with me, seems more magical to me. I love to hear the typical Indian stuffs from her.

“Mom am home”, I shouted in a loud voice, and I was searching for my mom all over the house as a small kid does, and Yea I am still a kid for my mom and dad, as they always repeats to me, when we have  hot arguments. My dad was sitting on bed with laptop opened, he is one of the handsome man from india , who has deep black hair, with dark black  eyes, and also he has mustache which is  a major identification of an Indian man “dad where is mom, I couldn’t find her?”, “dear she will be in garden area, did you checkout there?”, my dad answered without lifting his chin, he was totally into work. Fine its usual, I rushed to the garden area were I could see my mother who is doing a laundry work. “mom shall I help you?”, I asked in a questionable face, she stared at me, My mom is a beautiest women I have ever seen in my life, she has a light blonde hair, and dark green eyes, her heart shaped face gives more beauty to her. She is about 5.5 ft height. And my dad is of 6 ft tall, which means they are perfect match for each other. people says  I look exactly like my mother but my hair and pupil colours are from my dad’s, whereas, I feel it like a lucky charm. And yea I can easily read my mom’s mind, as such what is she trying to say. She was glad for atleast I asked. I spend my rest of my life by doing pencil sketch, which I use to upload in social sites, to get likes, which became my recent addiction, “Sarah its time to have a dinner honey, come down soon!”,”coming dad”, my masterpiece has done, A beautiful angelic creature carries a blood  shedding rose in her hand. I uploaded the picture in my social website and went down to have my dinner, “so an Indian food again?, mmmm…. Naina would miss this, mom! She loves your preparation a lot,you must invite her for a dinner”, I said with a joy entered into my body and soul once I smell the delicious food kept on the ornate dining table, my mom has more interest in decorating the interior stuffs, I could see a happiness in my mom’s face, her eyes were glittering in soul full of happiness , when I appreciated on her preparation. Even dad loves her food, we three had a good meal, the whole atmosphere is filled with joy, love and laughter, I gave a good night kiss to my parents and went back to sleep. I can hear a loud joy filled laughter all over the place, it was echoing into my ear, his voice  was very magnificent, it showers happiness to the entire place, the place seems very unfamiliar, I am standing  by facing a deep blue ocean, the warm salty wind rushes across the shore, the wild waves splashes the rock where am standing, my concentration went deep into somewhere, unfortunately a large tide came and tried to wash away, i was about to hit  the ground, In all of a sudden a hard hand wrapped around, me, I couldn’t find who it was, am all wet and I was totally out of my mind, a tall handsome man is holding me, my eyes were completely blur, the vision was not  that clear, his touch was very gentle and soft, “hey carefull  honey”, he says.  

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