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1. Me And My Story

I never once wanted anyone to shed a tear for me. I never once wanted people to give me their greatest sympathy. I admit I have done some wrong in my life but I shouldn't be made to feel bad for that for life, or even in any situation that causes an argument to bring that up. I hate it! I hate things getting the better of me. I'm small framed and small build but the biggest part of me is my heart. Sometimes that can be the worst part, due to always reaching for others but getting nothing in return. Not saying it's something you have to do. Just a little appreciation. I had a family once,friends and a boyfriend too. But that all changed when things I put up with on a daily bases got the better of me . And that really sucks! When you finally given in to your weakness. When you finally say you can not. When you finally reach out for help. I'm not ashamed , I'm not weak as a person , it's not that I can not it's that I need help around me so I can.

I was asking for help for years. I was asking for some sort of support. I wanted that. But when I finally got that and wanted a little time to myself. I was supposed to disappear and be written for my wrongs. Told daily I'm no good and can do better. And told I am loved even though I'm not. The reason for me saying that so negatively is because you know when someone gives you that fake love and it's rather annoying. It's the sort of energy I don't need to surround myself with. It's the sort of energy I don't want to even embrace or enjoys being apart of.

Them situations made me go back to being defenceless. Not growing with my voice,not being outspoken and sticking up for myself. I couldn't even face the day.

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