Surfer Days

What happens when Moselle gets a wave of emotion for two of these very different guys who are best friends.


2. 2.

We get to the hotel that the boys are staying at and we’re crowded by a group of girls yelling and screaming trying to take pictures. I shield my face from the bright lights and feel a muscular arm wrap itself around my waist. Thinking it’s Luke I don’t remove the hand away from my body but rather find myself grateful for it. We get to the elevator, all six of us crowded in there, and I finally look up. Instead of the fairer skin toned arm, I have a tan figure grasping on to me. Ashton. I look up to his structured face to his own eyes trying to find contact within my own. The other boys talking amongst themselves not realising what’s going on. His eyes frantic, calm down when they ignite with the same fire as mine. His face falls slightly, I would have missed it if anyone had grabbed my attention at the moment. His eyes grasping a deep grey color near the iriss’.


“Sorry, I just didn’t want you to get lost out there,” He starts explaining himself.


“It’s fine thank you, I probably would have gotten lost to be honest.” I smile.




“Why don’t you like me.” I say rather bluntly.


The whole elevator noise stops, and the music stops too. I can sense everyone’s eyes on my mouth (in a non-sexual way) as I ask these time stopping words. Ashton struggles to find his words to respond. I huff and push past him and out of the elevator. I’m walking blindlessly in and out of halls hoping I was going to find a way out of the building. I spot a door to the roof, and don’t hesitate to stop when I hear someone yelling for me. I’m greeted with a colorful array of lights, bursting from the pool. I throw myself down on a white array of couches overlooking the night time skyline.


My arms find themselves a spot to around my stomach, as my chest tightens. Why is this happening, I want it to stop. The tears are slowly trickling down my face. Although I can’t feel the trails, I can see the wet spots on my knees. It’s all coming back to me now. The horrid memories. A audible sob chokes out and I lay my head on my knees. I look up to see a great amount of employees’ looking back at me. Several pairs of footsteps are approaching me and I’m not sure if it’s the boys or a group of angry employees’ wanting me off their roof.


“Mo, what happened?” Luca asks kneeling down to me.


“Get away from me, I’m a monster.”


“Mo, no you’re not. Talk to me Mo. Please I want to help.”


I look for his eyes,”They’re coming back. All of the things they did to me. I hate it, please make it stop.” My cries sound again as I collapse on the floor.


“You know that wasn’t your fault,” Luca spoke from behind me.


I look up to see Calum, Mikey, Luke and Ashton, concern spread across their face. I can’t tell them what they did to me. I won’t do it. Ashton did to me what happened before, last time it didn’t end up well. I can’t, no. A monster is what became of me by the words of others, and a monster is what stays within me.


“Luca, I can’t,” I grip onto him crying,”I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”


Before Luca could continue Ashton cuts him off,”nothing is wrong with you Mo. Please believe me. I mean everything when I say this. You are a beautiful women, nothing could possibly be wrong with you besides common human flaws.”


Luca had stood up and Ashton had now placed himself in front of me. His hands grabbed my own, tracing little circles with his thumb on my hand. I couldn’t focus on what he was saying, just the formations his lips made and how occasionally he would lick his lips, not even really noticing. Why am I like this? There is something wrong with me, I know it. I time back into what he was saying,”come on. I wanna talk to you no other boys around just me and you. Friends.


“What… I… Ashton, you hated me about twenty minutes ago? Why? That’s the only god damn question I’ll ask anyone and never get a legitimate answer to will I.” I roll my eyes and get up. Mo stop being a bipolar asshole he’s trying to console and apologize to your for the way he acted.


“You’re calling me bipolar? Look in the mirror sweetheart!” He yelled getting up next to me.


“See you’re doing it again, oh my goodness!”


“What do you call what you’re doing Mo? You get angry for no reason, I was trying to help you for god sake at least I wasn’t trying to get into your pants the first day I met you! Unlike, you know somebody. But wait, maybe you do roll like that, how would I know? I only met you today!”


His body kept on getting closer to, making me look up at him.


“Are you kidding me? I’m the one who sleeps around. Says you of all of your friends! You look like such a fuck boy I honestly don’t know how I am tolerating you right now! I bet you want to get with me, you just don’t have the balls to say anything to me!”


“Of course I would get with you! You are fucking gorgeous! You probably have every guy, with that being said like all of my friends, hooked on you! And you just lead them on. Like why tell Luke you’ll go out with him when most likely you’re going to bail on him. ANd speaking of getting with anyone, I bet you think I’m hot and won’t say anything to me!”


“Have you looked in the mirror, you’re are like a full course meal. I can’t get anybody like you, I mean you’re like a fucking-” He cuts me off by grabbing my hips and pulling me towards him.


His lips are quick to find my own and instead of pulling away and trying to defend myself, cause you know what even are feelings in the moment right. Right? He takes me in his embrace, still kissing. I reach my hands up to his face and cup his cheeks, pulling him closer and tilting his head a bit to further the kiss. His hands trailed from my hips, to my bum, then to the small of my back. He releases quiet moans as my finger tips tug at the hair at the nape of his neck, making me smirk. He starts to slow us down, leaving peppered kisses on the corner of my mouth then down my jawline, to the back of my ear slowly to nip at my earlobe.


“Never in a million years would I be too good for you,” he pulls me into his chest in a hug still kissing my neck,” you are just too good for me, honey.”

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