Surfer Days

What happens when Moselle gets a wave of emotion for two of these very different guys who are best friends.


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The sun dips behind the never-ending possibilities of the sea, making sure to capture everyone’s sight at the beach. You see the locals, mostly older couples, and then the tourist who pull their phones out to catch this amazing sight. But I don’t blame them, I would too if I was only just visiting. My gold locks blow in front of my face and I take my hand to brush it out of my eyes, afraid that if I didn't this natural beauty would escape without me seeing it go. Every day is like a cycle for me. I wake up, do my morning things, and go to the beach. No matter what. I can’t function without seeing the waves pull the tiny seashells into its grasp or the morning sun shimmer on the reflective waves. It's like my morning cup of coffee, a must have. The sun is just past the waves and that is my cue to leave. I grab my hybrid surfboard and clutch the other end under my arms. Fixing the shark tooth necklace under my collarbone, I wave to Luca who was just taking the straps off of his board that was on his truck.


    “Going out so early?” He calls, his head just peeking out from the other side of the board and truck.


    “Not early… just my regular time. Why are you going out now? The tides are supposed to be rough.” I stick my board in the sand and go to help him, on my side of his truck, by unstrapping the clutches.


    “I just wanted to mess around for a bit I have some old friends coming to join me tonight,” his smirk appears on his smooth, skin.


    “Are these the friends you always tell me about?” A giggle escapes past my lips and my eyebrow raises in question to Luca.


    “How many times do I have to tell you, they are real,” he puts an emphasis on his last word and rolls his eyes,” besides if you want to find out for yourself you could stick around..if you want to of course?”


    “You sure I wouldn’t be a burden? I mean when was the last time you saw them? I don’t want you to miss out having fun with them.”


    “Not at all, besides you can help me set up the bonfire and stuff like that.” He winks at me and walks away with his board.


I laugh at his weirdness and turn around to grab my board and stick it in the sand. We begin taking the food from his truck and putting it on the folding table he had too. Soon enough there was a black SUV pulling into the beach parking lot. A buffer and older man steps out from the driver's side of the car and turns to open the backseat door.  The first guy to step out was wearing a loose white tank top and a pair of basketball shorts. He had bleached blonde hair and a beanie over his head, which he quickly ripped off due to the heat of the beach, which was honestly gone by now. Next came a kiwi looking guy with a loose black tank top with some holes in it and white decorative print in the front. He smiles as he took a couple seconds to take in the salty air, making his smile lines more detailed. After he was another blonde haired dude who was ridiculously tall. He winced in pain as he bumped his head on the top of the car as he was getting out. He supported a stronger stubble under his chin and on his jaw and a cute and petite man bun in the back of his head. Lastly was another man, who carried himself with such poise and passion for whatever he would be doing in the future. His dirty blond-ish type colored hair flew with the slightly salty breeze letting his curls flow behind his structured face. He supported a small amount of stubble, plump lips and a perfect toothy smile as he hit the concrete of the beach parking lot. They all made their way over to where we were, looking around at the incredibly soft sand and crashing waves.


    “Mates! It’s so good to see you guys!” Luca smiles and jogs over to them. Just so I don’t seem too out of place I adjust some of the food on the table. They are all greeting each other and I pick up their accents and go over to them.


    “It’s good to see you too man!” The kiwi one smiles, giving him a quick “manly” hug. They all follow with similar introductions.


    “Who is she?” The one with bleached hair asks, his finger pointing in my direction.


    “Oh, she is just-” I cut Luca off and introduce myself.


    “Hey! I’m Moselle, but you can call me Mo.” I smile at them and wave politely.


    “Dude that’s such a cool name!” The tall blonde yells.


    I laugh at his enthusiasm,”aww thanks! What are your names?”


    Kiwi says,”Calum, Calum Hood,” and smiles at me.


    “I’m Michael, Michael Clifford.” He waves, and I wave back with a chuckle.


    Blondie starts,” My name is Luke but you can call me babe.” He winks at me and tries to grab my hand.


    “Quit it, Luke, I’m Ashton but you can call me Ash.” He smiles, his elegant figure leaning towards my face and pressing a quick and soft kiss on my tan cheeks.


A blush appears on my face as he pulls away and turns around towards the bonfire,”Well Luke, Calum, Mikey, and Ash let’s chill for a little while.”


The boys quietly follow suit and sit down on the logs set up around the bonfire. Soon enough they each have a paper plate filled with delicious late night snack and pizza accompanied by the bitter taste of beer in their red solo cups. Laughter swiftly collides with the sound of the waves crashing on the moist sand to create the perfect harmony. Soon enough I saw Luca getting Ashton and Luke into their special swimwear for surfing and were heading towards the water.


    “Come on Mo! Teach these dudes how to surf.” Luca calls from the ocean.


I grab my Rip Curl Desert Palm Rash Guard shirt hanging off of my board in the sand and slip it on. Quickly I take the board by my two hands and throw it over my head and jog over to the boys. Luca decides to help Ashton on his beginning to surf as I am trying to get Luke to get on the board. As I was teaching Luke to balance on the board with a pile of sand, I couldn’t help but get a little distracted at Ashton’s toned body. The way the moonlight would guide the definition of his abs to look more prominent underneath the wetsuit, or the way that his smile was no match to the reflective moonlight on the water.


“Guys, I think we should start heading out. You good Mo?” Luca asks tearing my train of thought away from Ashton.


“Um… yeah just fine. I actually have to find a hotel, I hadn't thought of that since right now…” I awkwardly giggle and grab the board off of the sand.


“Maybe you could stay with us? I mean I’m cool if you stay, what about you boys?” Luke begins, turning to get the permission from the other boys. He slips his arm around my waist and pulls me in closer to him after he sees me rub at my arms to get some warmth.  They all erupt in a chorus off agreements except for Ashton.


I snuggle in closer to Luke, because he was super cuddly, while Mikey started, “Come on Ash, what do you say?” He smiles, hugging Ashton from the side.


“Yeah, whatever, I don’t really give a fuck,” Ashton grumbles and goes back up to bonfire.


We were all taken back from his sudden outburst, or well his sudden inexpressiveness. I shrug it off and wait for Luke to start walking back to the fire. He keeps whispering some random things in my ear as we make the walk back to their car.


“You’re really pretty you know that.” Luke smiles, making me look up at him and a blush rises to my cheeks.


“Wow, um… thank you are very cute too.” I smile and turn to look at the sand once again.


“Maybe sometime we could go get dinner or lunch or something? Maybe even tomorrow if you’re up to it.” He sinks his teeth into the lip near his piercing and it makes me go wild.


“Yeah maybe we can go to Tiki Bar it’s one of my favorites,” I send him a toothy smile as I look up at him again.


“That sounds perfect.” he smiles and plants a quick kiss to my cheek, and grabs my hand.


Little did I know this was the beginning of a whole new adventure.  



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