Summer love

Summer love..... what is it exactly? A sad excuse for hookups? Maybe....but then again maybe it is more than that. To guys summer "love" is just a fling and it is their excuse to use people, us girls think so much of it but in reality it is nothing to them and everything to us, so what is summer love? Because there are many definitions and one truth......


1. Charm

Guys use their so called charm on us. They use girls for their sexual needs, what are we objects? Possessions? This so called summer "love" is bullshit. We are not objects and we sure as hell are not immune to their charm as much as we would love to be. Our experiences, yes they form who we are, but it is unfair that we have break before we can build ourselves up, while they do not have to break or be in pain, maybe they might just feel a little guilty, but that is all they get. No pain, no lies, no heart break. In some circumstances, it is the girl who hurts the guy and I know how it sounds, that the girl is always the victim, but is it really worth it, breaking anyone? Breaking their heart? What is wrong with all of you, self righteous people treating others like an object, making them feel worthless? Charm, can be used for or against us. Typically guys or girls use charm to get the other persons attention and usually it does not end well.

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