Part-Time Writer Dairy

Just my life writing about things I can't say out loud and thinking my way through problems


57. Entry 57

Nov 15, 2018


So today was great. In class, we watched a movie, held a fire drill. Overall it was a relaxing day and then I got home. That is meant to have that ominous tone in it. Getting home I was just pissed. People were driving slow some guy almost scratched my truck by going in between my car and the one in front. I was not happy. And then going inside I find a mouse. Now I am not squeamish like my family. I love the little things. I thought it was dead until I picked it up and it started twitching. I told my sister not to panic and hurried to get it outside so it could at least die somewhere it might have been more comfortable. I held it and watched it die outside. I can't do this not right now.

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