Part-Time Writer Dairy

Just my life writing about things I can't say out loud and thinking my way through problems


7. Entry 7

 July 12-13, 2018


Two things. One its midnight. Two I have a question. Why do people get told off for reading romance? Like is there something wrong with reading a romance story? If so then why are they a thing then? I know I might be a little young to know that romance stories are very interesting, but I see older adults shy about bringing their romance books out or buying a romance book. Like why are you hiding that you like this genre? I do it sometimes, but only when I'm around teachers. They don't need to know what I am reading. But everyone else just gives me this look like, 'you should be ashamed of yourself for reading something like that.' I'm not though. Maybe if you started to act like you read the same thing at night that I do maybe we could be friends and talk about our favorite parts of the book or the best romance author. There is nothing wrong with reading romance stories. I love them. I am very hooked on this series by Lynsay Sands. Its called the Rogue Hunter's series and I can't put them down once I pick up the books. I have some of the series and the ones that I do have of the series I constantly open and close them. If I was to sell one book the condition of the book would be worn. Pages bent and falling out. The cover is almost off completely and so on. But I think that hiding that you like romance should be the thing shamed instead of shaming people for reading whatever the hell they want to read. Well, I should really be trying to go to bed. I just had to get that off my mind.

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