Part-Time Writer Dairy

Just my life writing about things I can't say out loud and thinking my way through problems


6. Entry 6

July 11, 2018


OKay. Day five of doing nothing. I have been working and sleeping and eating but that is it. I went to check out a car and nothing. I haven't been in the right state of mind to write about anything. I can't focus on anything without having something in the back like a friend talking. She has finally gotten better and yesterday my mom had said hey let's go swimming. I was like okay and went to check out a car. Halfway home shes like nevermind maybe tomorrow? I'm really not feeling it. Well, mom, I know you're busy an all but could you at least maybe pay some kind of thought to me? Most of the time it's like younger sister this and younger sister that. Older sister this and older sister that but never me. And when it's not them your working or I'm working. And nothing seems to go right. But It hurts to know she doesn't pay much thought to me. I know for a  fact that when she does it is hard for long. Even at the pool today we were in different rooms. We hardly talk to each other. I want to believe she is there for me but I just don't get that feeling. When it's not her it's me and so on. I know it might sound like I am hurting her feelings or anyone's feelings who is a mom, but I know she's busy she doesn't have much time to be alone with us anymore like every mom out there. I just wish she would pay a little time to me instead of just to the oldest and youngest sisters. But its ten now I should be going to bed. Bye.

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