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3. Entry 3

June 26, 2018


Okay so I haven't been doing this everyday but that's fine. It means that I have a lot more to say. So a couple a days ago I was working and I don't know why people choice that day to be nice and rude at the same time. I had rude people and nice people and then I had those people that had to get a you're welcome from me. I'm sorry if I didn't say you're welcome for doing my job. I don't even say you're welcome to anyone else even if I'm not working. And two people walked up and said hey did you know that this person on this regerser is being rude. Shes not talking to people and saying you're welcome. Yes I know its my job to say those things and yes I know its my job to hold a conversation with other people. Its not that I know I should have said it. I know that I made a mistake there but what I don't get is WHY did they only pull me aside? Not the other person doing it too? We have two people at king soopers who just don't talk. I am one of them and then there is another, I am not saying names in case someone at work decides to check out what I do, but why did they not talk to him as well? It's like I don't even know how to put this in words. It's functioning to know that they only puled me aside instead of the other person too. Like does he not matter to you? Hell they even called a manager down to come and watch over. 

But on the plus side I have a new computer. It works much better than my last one. I have some space on it to at least do things instead of it saying hey you don't have any space on here. It is very unfortunate that I had to drop 749 on a computer that works when I got that last one as a Christmas gift. But these one works and it sounds much better. I think the only problem with this one is that its not letting me sign into my Microsoft account so i can write my book and get it published faster. 

Another good thing coming up is that school starts back up in August. I can't wait. I know that a lot of people don't seem to like going to school. But if you go to an expeditionary school like I do then you have a lot less people who don't like it. I remember in Middle school when I was saying I hate going to school and I will never like going to school. And here I am in High school during the summer no less wishing for school to start again. Not because I want summer to end fast but because I fins school enjoyable. It would be better if I knew people who would talk to me but beggars can't be choosers. But my dislike for middle school was caused by a few things. One my groupd of friends wasn't very nice to me. Two I was bullied around every corncer. And then told that kids will be kids and nothing happened about them. I really only liked one class in that school. And that was Choir because at the time I loved to sing. And that would have been why I went to that class and had fun. 

And on to the next thing. So we have this purple thing growing on some of the weeds out side and I don't know what it is. And I love to know things. That's why I have so many books about history and writing and stuff like that. 

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