Part-Time Writer Dairy

Just my life writing about things I can't say out loud and thinking my way through problems


2. Entry 2

June 18, 2018


Oh my god I can't wait until I can just get a new computer AND a new job AND a car. My computer is being slower than ever and I have a new one coming tomorrow from a Best Buy that was too far away to drive to. I hate my job with all of these rude people. And most certainly I need a new car. This one is just not turning on. My dad had to come yesterday ON FATHER'S DAY and jump my car because the battery isn't charging. And on top of that, I feel bad for not doing anything for father's day. My younger sister did and my older sister took my dad out for dinner and I'm over here like wait that was father's day. Oh, I need to get a card or something. Nope slipped my mind. But I did make a few new little friends. And I hope to see them again but I don't know if I will. I saved a few months while I was out talking to a friend that I had in the floral department. She's nice and a shaman too. Meaning our weirdness goes together. Unfortunately, she is like 22 or something here I'm here trying to turn 18. God, why can't I make friends my own age? And then on top of ALL OF THAT, today is my moms birthday that she is working for and I can't do anything for. By the time she gets back from work and I get back from work. She will be asleep and I will be almost dead on my feet. 

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