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11. Entry 11

July 25, 2018


So we leave for Iowa tommorow. I just hope I don't forget to bring this computer with me. Another thing. Today was different. Its hard to put it in words but I am going to try. So I started today confused and knowing that the person I needed to talk to was going to avoid me like he does when I confront him about something with my schedule. I was confused because I knew I had to talk to him but I didn't know how I was going to do so. And I was angry today. With the people, I work with. They seem to pick on me more than the rest of the C.C.s (Courtesy clerk). No one uses a strap to help with carts and bringing them in but me. The one time I choose to not use one I get called out for it. That was a few days ago. Today what happened was I was using a cart strap and Joe (I don't want to give his name away) decide to come up and tell me to use one of the "newer" ones. I looked at him like he lost his mind. If we had a "newer" one that was working, sure I'll use it, but we don't. So he told me to use the "newer" one without a working one. And these "newer" cart straps are blue and its this whole pully system thing in a very small box. It breaks through, so easily. And I was angry over that. 

The most surprising part of today though was when one of our Head Clerks came up to me and handed my small little $1 off coupon things for doing a good job. We have secret shoppers coming in and one happened to have been in my line I guess they liked that I talked a little and they gave me a 100% on that small test. I being the freaking Ghost that I am never get noticed unless it is bad. Unless someone is having a bad day and wants to take it out on me. Which is unfair. If you're having a bad day, stay home. I don't give a rats ass about your bad day and if you think coming into MY store with an unwanted attitude and giving me crap for having one is okay you need to leave. I don't like people who just come in all mean. Give your cashier and C.C some respect and maybe, just maybe, you might get some back. And that is why we all have favorite customers. Its because they are nice even when they tell us, "Hey do you think we could skip the talking today? Its just been rough."  We all understand LIFES ROUGH. But you don't need to take it out on some random person. I should really just go now. 

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