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10. Entry 10

July 24, 2018


Oh, I am going to sound so foolish right now. I just know it. So I am reading Hamlet first off. The second thing is what I need to say. So I work at King Soopers. And well, here's the thing. I don't like it. I don't like that I am the one that gets in trouble when others do things that I do. I don't want to use a leash for carts. Oh well, you have to. Someone else doesn't have to use one though. And not even just that. So I asked for about a week off because I was going to Iowa to check out some colleges that I am looking at going to. I have been telling them this for a couple weeks now and I find out I am scheduled to work at that time. Oh, I can't want to get out of this freaking city just because of them. I even wrote it down for them. But they had the nerve to ask "And you're telling us now?" A few days till the trip. Yes. Yes, I am telling you now because it wasn't like I was talking about it for a month. It isn't like I was telling everyone about my trip back to where I feel like I am at home. Not like I was telling people about that. Yup, not one word came from me about that darn trip I was taking and planed two months ahead of time. So I went into work yesterday and told the person that is doing scheduling about that and I hate him. I just can't like someone that can't read words on a page but can plan out and screw up a schedule. So this week I have one day of work and the rest is driving to Iowa. And I have already asked to go to my favorite two places there. 

One is this farmers marketplace. It is almost in the middle of nowhere, but they are right next to a corn field. Their cornfield. And every time we go back we get some fresh picked sweet corn, and they have the best cherry tomatoes. I have never tasted something so sweet before in my life. And my second favorite place is the upside down bridge park. Yes, you read that right. Upside down bridge. It is the most fun I ever have going back. It is the only place I will ask to go to while there. And last year was the first year that I could drive through the park. And I had the most fun doing so. gave the truck a nice water bath while I was at it. The moment I saw the bridge I looked over to my dad and asked if I could speed through it. He nodded and I freaking hit the gas pedal to the floor and went through it as fast as I could. I even kicked up some gravel and dirt. It was the best thing I have ever felt. And I love the feeling. The site there is the best thing you will ever see. And its nice and warm. Not like dry warm but moist warm. The perfect feeling. Its why I went to move back there. But of course, I don't trust my mom and dad enough to tell them that. If I did we would be staying for more then four days. 

But enough about that. I have something really important to say. I had an Ephiny today. Why I don't like it here, in Colorado. Its because I have been here most of my life. I just don't like it. I need a clean slate. With people that don't know who I am. Who don't know anything about me, about what I was doing when I was younger. And what I am doing now that I know better. I don't like it here because I don't like anyone. I need a companion more than anything right now. One that I can go out for coffee with, even though I don't like coffee. One that I can talk to face to face. I need one of those. And here in Colorado, you only have people that have never been on a farm, that is my age. They have only ever been here and they want to stay here. I just don't know why you would wish to stay here after you have lived here most of your life. I can hardly seem to have a thought stay in line for more than an hour. So I don't really understand why you would want the safety of being where you have always been. But I guess that would be a story for another time. I have to wake up early tommorow and it's already 10. Good night 

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