Part-Time Writer Dairy

Just my life writing about things I can't say out loud and thinking my way through problems


1. Entry 1



Ugggg why is writing so hard sometimes? Like I can't think of anything. I am trying hard to but nothing is coming into mind. Trying to edit is a pain. I guess that's why people don't like to write. Because of the editing part. I get the point there but I really should get back to writing. It is very important that I do so. I guess what you what is a little info about who I am as a person then.

So my name is Gabrielle, but most people call me Gabby. I work at king soopers and hate my job. But I guess everyone does. I am a witch to much of my families displeasure. Of course, if they found out I would be taking to church and yelled at and grounded, for not believing what they told me to believe in. I'm not what many people expect. And a lot of people don't have any faith that I could do something a little more meaningful with my life than just one thing. To be frank, I love to travel. I like the idea of travel but not the cost. My choose place would have to be anywhere in Europe. I think that is the best place to be. Lost more history then over here. I am also in high school which surprises a few people I work with. They all say I look older then I am.  I am actually 17 years old. Heres more interesting news. I have never been on a date or kissed in my life. While as my little sister has been on several and done those things hundreds of times.

I have a weird hunger for having to know everything. I want to know about it and I have to know about it. Almost like Hermione in a way.  That goes for everything. Reading, writing, history, science, everything but Math. I'm not a math person and even then I still try to improve my math skills just a little at a time. I started to write stories in 7th grade thinking that it was a fun way to pass the time and get my brain away from the things happening around me. In 8th grade, I found a real passion for it and wanted to write stories and share them. The thought of sharing my writing was terrifying at first but I overcame it. First, it was just afew friends here and there and then it was I needed more so that when I found this site. 

I was trembling the first time I posted something on here, but I got over it. And then this happened. I became a different person. Online and in person I was different. I wasn't talking to many people but here I had a chance to talk and have a chance at fun. Here I had a chance at being something I wanted to be but didn't have the courage to be. I had a chance to be someone different and I took that. And it became this. It started with stories that I thought were interesting. And it became something that I liked to do and after that, it was something else. I did a dairy and I loved doing it so I did more based them off of what I knew instead of what I didn't want to play around with. And I became a little more open to the idea of everything. 

Well, I am going to leave now because I have writing to do. I feel much better now.

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