Thats my sister

Niall Horan is 1/5 of the biggest boy and in the world, and so is Liam Payne. What happens when Liam’s little sister Lana comes to stay for the summer and is introduced to her brothers friends. Will she go home at the end of vacation or will the trip be longer than expected.


4. the start of summer

Liam picked up my suitcase and helped me load it into the boot of his car while of course making jokes about how heavy it was claiming that I had brought the whole house with me including the kitchen sink.

“Ha ha ,your so funny” , I said to him sarcastically and he laughed.

I hopped into the passenger side and Liam in his driver seat , and we continued en route Liam’s house. After I finally convinced him, Liam let me play some music through his Bluetooth in the car. He was hesitant because he knew exactly what I would do, but he gave in and just let me. I’m his sister, it’s kinda of my job to be just as annoying to him as he is me at times.

I connected up my phone and went straight to Spotify , "I know what you're game is" Liam said smiling . I turned on what makes you beautiful and sung every line at the top of my lungs, knowing full well that my brother was cringing hard. He was proud of the song and he does like it don't get me wrong , I think it's just how young he was then. After WMUB I played a few more old one direction songs and then decided to be a loving sister and put something on that we would both enjoy. I played 'la la la' by Naughty Boy feat Sam Smith and then 'can't hold us' by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, a great choice of songs if you ask us for dancing to. Since Liam was driving he only joined in with a little bit of dancing when it was safe to ,of course.

We were coming to the end of the last song when we pulled into a street. It was lined with relatively large houses which was definitely not something I was used to. A regular family sized house in my home town Wolverhampton is all I've known ever since I was born.

Liam pulled into the driveway outside one of the houses where there was already three other expensive looking cars, and don't ask because I couldn't tell you the models if I tried. It was already pretty dark outside, I could see lights on inside the house. Liam turned of the ignition and took out the key. I felt a knot of anxiety in my stomach that seemed to be getting tighter and tighter. My brother turned to face me and immediately sensed it, " you'll be fine, they don't bite' he said but then paused 'well...Niall might, but only if we forget to feed him' Liam laughed , I punched his arm playfully and laughed too.

"come on, let's go. They're all waiting" he clapped excitedly, getting out of the car. I get out from the passenger side too and follow him up the drive. We come to a huge double door although it looked like they had only ever used one. He pulled it open and walked inside.


I hope you guys enjoy this chapter , it's another small one ..sorry about it. The next one will be bigger though I promise , and lana will finally get to meet the boys. :D

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