Thats my sister

Niall Horan is 1/5 of the biggest boy and in the world, and so is Liam Payne. What happens when Liam’s little sister Lana comes to stay for the summer and is introduced to her brothers friends. Will she go home at the end of vacation or will the trip be longer than expected.


7. Pizza

After Liam ordered pizza , we took it in turns playing fifa, getting to know each other and having a good time. So far I had bonded most with Louis and I knew right off the bat that he would be like another brother to me. There was something about him, I felt instantly comfortable and I already knew that he would be the kind of person to be straight there when I needed him,that I would be able to tell him anything.

It was me and him currently playing against each other on the game. “Cmon love, you have to at least try and get the ball” , he teased and everyone laughed as I shoved him lightly, causing him to look in my direction and laugh more. Whilst I had louis distracted , I had managed to pry away the ball from his team players and score myself a winning goal, much to his demise. “How does it feel lou, to loose to a girl?” Harry and my brother teased. “It’s alright because ...I ALWAYS WIN TICKLE FIGHTS” he yelled running towards me with his arms extended out, tackling me to the ground when he finally reached me. Louis sat on top of my small frame and i kicked my legs out and laughed hysterically but all the while begging and pleading for my freedom. I hate being tickled. The other boys stood and laughed too, how charming, my guess is that this was a normal behaviour for Louis.

He finally stopped and stood up, I stayed there for a few seconds longer trying to catch my breath again after the tickles. At this point Zayn and harry had gone to the kitchen , Niall was sat on the arm of the sofa watching louis and me, and Liam was answering the door to a very confused pizza guy. “Cmon” Louis smiled widely holding out his hands to help me up. “Fair game love.” He winked, “how did you learn to play like that?” , he asked once I was back on my feet. “I guess it’s from all the times I beat Liam.” We laughed. “Excuse me” my brother said as he entered the room, pizza boxes filling his hands, “all the times you’ve beat me? ,I’m good, all have you known I’ve won like....3 or 4 times.” Louis, Niall and I laughed knowing the truth, Liam isn’t bad at the’s just that his sister is better, but there’s no way he will ever admit that. “Oh whatever , I’ll beat you all one day, watch me” he laughed taking the food to the kitchen as we trailed behind.


I’m sorry this chapter to so long to get out. But here is is. I really hope you enjoy it ❤️

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