Thats my sister

Niall Horan is 1/5 of the biggest boy and in the world, and so is Liam Payne. What happens when Liam’s little sister Lana comes to stay for the summer and is introduced to her brothers friends. Will she go home at the end of vacation or will the trip be longer than expected.


6. a new room.

We followed closely behind as Niall carried my bag up the stairs, grunting here and there but desperately trying to mask the fact that he was struggling with it.

The staircase was huge, well .. bigger than I was used to at least. You could definitely walk double filed. The majority of the house including the stairs where hardwood with bohemian style rugs lining some of the floors.

Upstairs consisted of two corridors to the left and right , in the middle of them was a small area with a sofa and some beanbags and another television. I could see myself spending a lot of time here. To the left was three bedrooms , niall’s , Louis’ and an empty room that would soon be mine and on the right side was Zayn , Harry’s and my brothers room.

Niall entered what I presumed would be my room and I watched as he set my bag down in the corner. “There ya go” he said with a smile.”thank you” I smiled back.

“Well ,we will let you get settled then. Come down and join us in a few when your ready yeah”. Liam said as they both raced out of the room. I waited and listened and the bounded down the stairs and I chuckled as I heard a northern voice shout “oioi” as they reached the others. I knew that he was secretly desperate to go and play fifa with the boys too.

I headed over to my case and zipped it open, revealing a mess of clothes and unnecessary items that I had squeezed in.

I stared at it, maybe hoping that if I stared long enough it might unpack itself. I took out my clothes and organised them into the closet. I brought my makeup bag and toiletries to the ensuite and once everything was done I pushed the empty suitcase underneath the bed neatly.

Before heading downstairs I threw my MacBook and its charger onto the end of the bed and put my phone on charge. With one last look I walked out of the room to go back downstairs and join the boys for dinner.

“Wheyyy here she is” Liam cheered as I reached the bottom of the stairs and I laughed at him. I strolled over to where the boys where at slowly, I placed my hand on the edge of the sofa. “Here , sit down” Niall said to me smiling as he scooched up to make room.

I sat down next to Niall and watched on as they were still playing their game, except this time it was Zayn and Louis playing. I was about to say something but I was interrupted by Louis “Oi come on that wast fair” he shouted, throwing his arm up , “what?, I couldn’t help it.” Zayn laughed , louis lightly punched his side while remaining fixated on the screen.

“Are they always like this?” I turned to Niall, my brother listening in. “Oh all the time” Niall laughed “but this is nothing, I think they’re toning it down because a lady is in the house. Wait till they get more comfortable, you’ll see. It won’t take long.” . I don’t know why but I couldn’t help but smile when he laughed, it was adorable. “Oh I don’t doubt it” I chuckled back. “Oh My God, you definitely haven’t seen the worst of Louis yet” Liam joined in “trust us, just you wait Lana”.

We continued to watch the boys playing their game, laughing at them every so often when they shouted at it in frustration and their side comments about how it was each others fault when the game didn’t go right.


Here you go my lovelies. I hope you enjoy this chapter. I tried to make it a longer one as we just hit 400 reads on this. Thank you all so much for the support. ❤️

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