Thats my sister

Niall Horan is 1/5 of the biggest boy and in the world, and so is Liam Payne. What happens when Liam’s little sister Lana comes to stay for the summer and is introduced to her brothers friends. Will she go home at the end of vacation or will the trip be longer than expected.


1. new places and new faces

My name is Lana Payne, I’m 19. You’ll probably better know my brother, Liam Payne. He is 1/5 of one direction.

I know, keep ahold of your inner fangirl.

He was 16 when auditioned for the xfactor for the second time, making me 15. There is one year between us both.

If I’m completely honest I didn’t expect much from it, not that I don’t think he has a good voice, but because things like this don’t happen to family’s like ours. Not little nobody’s from Wolverhampton. It just doesn’t.

Liam lives in London now, with his friends and band mates. I haven’t seen him in quite a while, but I’m going to stay wit him and his friends for the whole summer this year. It should be fun, I haven’t met them yet, I think I briefly said hi to Zayn once before but that’s about all I can remember.

I know Liam’s blonde friend is pretty cute ,Niall I think. though he has always told me to keep away from them. I think he’s jealous of me being close in that way with his friends. He had always been like that with the boys we went to school with when we were younger. Maybe he just doesn’t like the idea of his little sister dating, I don’t know.

I’m getting the train to London from Wolverhampton on Monday, two days time, and Liam has agreed to pick me up from the station in his car when I get there.

I’m excited for summer.


This is rather short , but I hope you enjoy it none the less.

I’ll be writing more on this super soon .❤️

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