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  • Published: 13 Jun 2018
  • Updated: 13 Jun 2018
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she - she makes you feel all of the colors all the time and you don’t think you could love her more than you already do.


1. she's


at night she was the lilac sky ducking down and hiding from the world, raging fire in her eyes and hair as golden as if it absorbed all the light around her.


when the sun goes down, she becomes the red hue, something dangerous and so tempting at the same time.

she makes you desire to do something that tests your morals, makes you question what you believe in, and you reach out and scorn yourself on the fiery flames that is her skin.

she is a bonfire and you want to feel as alive as the flames dancing before your eyes.


she is red like the passion that burns through you as you kiss her warm lips.

you take a step into the fire and dance with the flames.


when the night is almost over and you hold her in your arms, everything goes black.

you are sometimes afraid that she shines so bright that you will forget about the colors of the world.

there’s a block of pain gathering in your chest as you look at her.


the feeling starts to pass as the sun rises again, giving way to the orange glow that will cover the sky.


it combines the energy of the red sky and gathers itself to prepare for the yellow sun later in the day.

it makes you feel so joyful that you are able to wrap your arms around this girl that you love and let your soul permeate through her body, while the dry air swirl around you and push you closer together.


yellow is when the sun has risen and shines down on the both of you.

you feel the warmth, as though you are being burnt all the way in to your imagination.

in the moment it makes you feel like you could never be hurt, even when you look at her and know that she burns you, and it warms a recognizable feeling inside of you.

she glows and she glows and you take her hand in yours.

it evolves and you squint as she shines brighter than the sun.


it makes everything look a little white.

you only remember white as the heaven above you and the brightness renders something pure inside of you.

it makes you want to dig all of your innocence to the surface, and you want to dig into your love too, to find where all of her perfection comes from and hold it in your hands for the whole world to see.


you want to dig as though it was in the earth below you. the brown earth, reminding you of a growing need inside of you that you need to fill out.

it’s a hunger that only subsides when you let your bare limbs soak into it and let yourself explore what you feel like you’re missing.

it only goes away when you put your arms around her and breathe her in.


it reminds you of green, of the nature surrounding you.

it reminds you of the hope you feel when you look around you.

it’s the warm summer breeze that catches in her hair as you sit outside and bask in the sun. it makes you feel like you are everything and nothing all at once.


it makes you feel blue sometimes.

it makes you trust her immensely, it makes you want to kiss her forever under the canvas of the stars.


the only thing you really feel is the vibrant shades of love that shimmers through you and warms your insides like a slow fire.

it warms your body and makes you forget about everything else but her.


she makes you feel like gold, even though she is the one who is golden.


she makes you feel all of the colors all the time and you don’t think you could love her more than you already do.


she makes you courageous and she makes you believe you can do anything.


she is everything and you are nothing and you don’t mind it, because you know she sees the world, just like you do, when she looks at you.


there is nothing more to say about her.

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