Taken Away

“To save the many, you must kill the few.”

He was running through the jungle; the thing was still chasing him. Multiple snakes had already embedded their fangs into his suit. It was a good thing he was wearing this suit; otherwise, he'd be dead. The distance counter in the corner of his vision showed that he had more than a kilometer before he reached the evac zone. However, his time was running out. The ship was waiting but they couldn't wait much longer. Their estimated safe time was less than two minutes. Even though he was a cross-country runner, he wasn't able to run that fast. And these suits were not optimized for running. He was not going to make it.


1. Prologue

“Are you sure this is going to work? After all, it’s still only in the testing phases.”

“Oh yeah. It’s been successful in the last few tests. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work on him.”

“But he’s our best soldier! Haven’t you heard about the side effects? All of them aren’t a guaranteed side effect but everything’s possible! Memory loss, paralysis, hand-eye coordination loss. There’s a whole host of other things that could go wrong that I’m not going to say here. Are you really going to send our best soldier, our elite, through this hell just so he can… I don’t even remember why we’re doing this again.”

“It’s so he’ll be able to harm people without the use of weapons. It’ll be extremely effect in the field if it works.”

“There it is again. The word IF. What are we going to do if this kills him? Overrides his brain? Remember, there’s only a three percent survival rate.”

“Well, he’s our best and if there’s anyone that’s going to be in that three percent, it’s going to be him.”

* * * * *

The alarm beeped multiple times before it was silenced. He’d had the dream again. It was so weird; he never saw anything but he always heard these voice talking about something. He’d begun to assume they were talking about him. It was cool yet terrifying at the same time. It wasn’t one of those dreams where he was vaguely aware that it was dream. He felt like he was actually apart of the dream. It freaked him out but he seemed to be okay with it now. He wiped his face to clear the sweat that had beaded and got out of the bed.

Logan went and showered, got dressed, and went downstairs. He ate some breakfast made by his mother. Surprisingly, his brothers did not come to the table. He went back upstairs to get his backpack along with his cross-country gear.

Logan loved to run, that’s why he ran cross-country. However, sometimes when he ran, his knee flared up with pain from a previous injury. Last year, when he was playing football, he was sprinting down the field when he got caught in between two linemen, one from his team and one from the other. They slammed into him and broke his knee. He was out of the sport for the rest of the season. After his knee was fixed, he did not want to play the sport again so he decided to try cross-country and he’d loved it. He also had some great friends that he ran with: Brandon, Michael, Stephen and Mark. They all did cross-country as well and with the amount of time that they hung out together, they might as well be brothers. And Logan thought of them as brothers. If anything were to happen to one of them, the other four were there before you even knew it.

Out of habit, Logan checked outside the window to see if his actual brother, Thomas, had started the vehicle they were taking to school. He was surprised to see that it wasn’t there. His brother had been starting it every morning for the past month because nightly temperature kept dipping below ten degrees. It was mid-December and frost covered the grass. The Ford Explorer was gone. He yelled for his mother to see if she knew where the vehicle was.

“Mom? Where’s the Explorer?” No answer. He thought his mother didn’t hear him and called again.

“Mom!” Still no answer. Silence filled the house. He could hear something downstairs. He walked down and into the kitchen to find the bacon his mother had been cooking still popping on the stove. Again, he called for his mother.

“Mom!” Again, silence. Where is she? She was just down here a minute ago! Where’d she go? This was weird. But as he thought about the events that had happened, he noticed that a lot of things were weird. His mother had never said a word when he came down the stairs. His brothers never showed up for breakfast. The Explorer was gone and now his mother was, too. Where is everyone?

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