Taken Away

“To save the many, you must kill the few.”

He was running through the jungle; the thing was still chasing him. Multiple snakes had already embedded their fangs into his suit. It was a good thing he was wearing this suit; otherwise, he'd be dead. The distance counter in the corner of his vision showed that he had more than a kilometer before he reached the evac zone. However, his time was running out. The ship was waiting but they couldn't wait much longer. Their estimated safe time was less than two minutes. Even though he was a cross-country runner, he wasn't able to run that fast. And these suits were not optimized for running. He was not going to make it.


2. Chapter 1

Loud helicopter rotors whipped above his head, making it difficult to hear anything. But it was okay; he had a headset on and could communicate with everyone else in the chopper. A small pop in the static told him he needed to focus on what was going to be said.

“Okay, Logan. You remember the objective?” His vision bobbed up and down as he nodded. “Okay, get in, get out. Don’t get distracted by anything. Use your abilities if you have to but not unless it’s absolutely necessary. You remember what will happen if they find out?” Again, his vision bobbed. He took off the headset.

“Alright, you’re ready.” Good, the earpiece is working. “Jump when we tell you. Sooner, you’ll land in a swamp of crocodiles. Later, you’ll probably land in a minefield.” The door slid open and Logan was hit with a blast of hot, humid air. Logan could already tell that this was not going to be the most pleasant experience. It already wasn’t the best situation but since he was the best, they’d selected him for this mission. He jumped on the commanders call and pulled the cord on his parachute at the correct altitude, allowing him to float down safely but without being detected. When his boots hit the ground, he immediately detected that something was wrong. He didn’t know what yet but he could tell that it wasn’t good. Out of instinct, he spun himself around and found a knife thrust toward him. He threw himself back and suddenly fell backward. His toe landed on something metal sticking out of the ground. He stood up quickly to avoid being stabbed in the back and almost rocked backward again but caught himself. The attacker suddenly was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, another person materialized out of thin air in front of Logan.

“Why, Logan. We meet again, don’t we? It’s been a while since we’ve last seen each other.”

“Well, I’m here to make sure that we don’t ever meet again.” The other man laughed.

“Oh, full of words, aren’t you? Yet, they mean nothing because they fall through the cracks in your fingers. I know for a fact that you wouldn’t kill me. After all, I am your…”

“Shut up! I already know. You’re just trying to manipulate me and it’s not going to work!”

“Oh, you severely underestimate my abilities if you think I’ll just give up like that.” Logan smirked.

“Oh really? I don’t underestimate you at all. However, I do believe that you underestimate me.” With that said, Logan lifted his foot and the minefield exploded.

* * * * *

Logan awoke suddenly, drenched in sweat. The alarm clock sitting next to his bed beeped furiously as it begged for attention. He smacked it and the beeping ceased. He rubbed his eyes and peered through the darkness, staring at the ceiling, waiting for his body to wake up. After a few minutes, he got up and flipped on the light, temporarily blinded by the sudden brightness. He squinted until his eyes adjusted to the light that now filled the room. He looked at his watch to see what time it was. 6:07 am.

What the heck? I’m not supposed to wake up for another half hour. He hadn’t changed his alarm, at least, he didn’t think he did. He adjusted the alarm and climbed back into the bed, trying to catch some shut eye with the half hour he had left. But his mind was anxious, muling over the things he’d seen in the dream. But it was way too vivid to be just a dream; almost like a vision like he’d been through that before. But that’s impossible. I’ve never been in the armed forces. I’m only fifteen! He found himself unable to sleep; his mind was going too fast for him to calm it down. And he lay there for the next half hour, staring at the ceiling.

The alarm pierced the silence, scaring Logan slightly. Once again, he got up and flipped on the lights and endured the blindness once again. He shook his head to clear it and headed to the shower. The six foot runner lumbered into the bathroom, briefly glancing at himself in the mirror. His red hair stuck out from his scalp and as he looked closer, he could see the little hairs sprouting from his chin. He decided to shave later and turned on the shower, adjusting the temperature before stepping inside. He finished and turned off the shower, wrapping a towel around his waist. Opening the door proved to be fateful, as always. A cold wave of air hit him and he hurried to his room to get dressed.

Once done, he went downstairs. In the kitchen, he found his older brother, Thomas, talking with their mother, who was standing by the stove making eggs and bacon. Their conversation ended abruptly as Logan entered the room.

“Good morning!” His mother said in a cheery voice. Logan was still a little groggy when he responded. He took a little longer to wake up.

“Good morning.”

“Hey, Logan.” Thomas said.

“Hmm?” Thomas punched him in the shoulder. That usually helped to wake him up and it did this time. Logan grabbed his shoulder in mock pain.

“Ow!” He said, greatly exaggerating the small pain he felt. Thomas scoffed.

“Oh my gosh, you’re so dramatic.” Logan let go of his shoulder and gave a really look to his brother.

“Oh yes,” he said as he walked to the table. “I’m so dramatic I could be in the play.” Thomas and their mother laughed.

“Yeah, you could.” His mother teased. Logan gave the same really look to his mother. She just laughed as she removed the bacon from the pan and placed it onto a plate. She did the same with the eggs.

“You two better eat up before your siblings get down here.” She placed the two plates on the table and stepped back. Logan and Thomas grabbed multiple pieces of bacon and several eggs. Their mother usually cooked very large meals for their family. After all, it contained five boys, of which three were teenagers, and teenagers were always looking for something to eat. The other two boys weren’t teens but sure ate like ones. They all had a big appetite when they woke up.

The two boys at the table got finished and Logan went back upstairs while his brother went outside to start the Explorer. Temperatures during the night had dropped to a chilly negative ten degrees and there was bound to be a sheet of ice on the windshield that only the defroster could remove. Upstairs, Logan put together his stuff for the day. Running shoes and related clothing in the running bag, notebooks and writing utensils in the backpack. It wasn’t a lot but it was all he needed to get through the school day. He didn’t need much else because he was only a freshman and didn’t need it.

After school, Logan and few of his friends went running on their school’s indoor track. They were part of the indoor track team and had to practice every day. He went downstairs and put his bags by the front door so they’d be there when he needed to leave for school. A look at his watch told him it was 7:24 am. Suddenly, his vision was weird as though he’d stood up too fast. However, once he squinted his eyes to try to clear them, he wasn’t in the front room anymore.

* * * * *

When his vision cleared, he saw himself inside a room. It looked like an operating room. Something was supporting his head up; it felt like an uncomfortable pillow. Something was also shoved down his throat, making it difficult for Logan to breath normally.

“Sir, he’s awake,” a voice spoke. He could not see who it was.

“What? How? He’s full of anesthesia, right? Get him back under; I have my hands in his chest cavity.” A figure appeared above him but he could not make out any features.

“Logan, can you feel anything?” He shook his head. How did they know his name? He’d never been here before.

“He can’t feel anything, sir. And his vitals are totally normal. Are you sure you want us to put him back under?” A long pause before a sigh.

“No. If he can’t feel or see anything, then I think he’ll be fine. After all, we can take him off his intubation if he’s breathing on his own.” The figure bent down closer to Logan’s face.

“We’re going to remove this tube from your mouth, okay?” He nodded and the figure proceeded to remove the tube inserted in his mouth. Once it was removed, he could breathe normally again. The figure moved out of his sight and the blinding white light presented itself again.

* * * * *

He was on the floor. He got up in a daze, now confused as to where he actually was. Was he in an operating room and this was a hallucination? Or was he here and just hallucinated the operating room? He wasn’t sure which was reality yet. A quick look at his watch told him that he’d been ‘gone’ for only thirty seconds. Wait, gone where? Where exactly did he go for thirty seconds? Something clicked behind him and he jumped. It was just Thomas closing the door. Logan sighed.

“Geez, Logan. Why are you so jumpy all of a sudden?” Thomas joked.

“I’m not sure but…” he trailed off.


“I don’t know. I guess I’m just on edge for some reason.” He faked a smile and Thomas gave him a concerned look.

“Are you sure you’re okay? Cause you certainly don’t seem like it.”

“Yes, I’m fine.” Thomas didn’t look convinced but decided not to press the matter any further. He just shook his head and walked into the kitchen. Logan sighed again and walked himself up the stairs, his mind sorting through everything he’d just seen. He basically passed out and lay on the floor for thirty seconds before he suddenly had gotten up and acted like nothing weird had just happened. Something was up and Logan wasn’t sure he wanted to find out what. He grabbed his phone off the charger and sent a text to his best friend, Stephen.


He flopped down onto his bed. About twenty seconds later, Stephen responded


LOGAN: Can I ask you something crazy?

STEPHEN: Depends on what it is XD. Sure, ask away.

LOGAN: So you know me pretty well, correct?

STEPHEN: As well as a brother knows a brother.

LOGAN: Haha. Well, anyway, I had this weird dream last night and I was wondering if you might could help me figure out what it means.

STEPHEN: Wow. Must have been a crazy dream if you want to figure it out. XD

Logan laughed. Stephen had a really good sense of humor and sarcasm and he was good at both. He always managed to make something funny, even when you thought there was nothing funny about it. His phone buzzed again.

STEPHEN: Sure. I’ll help you. You want to meet up or just call?

Logan had done this many times before, asking Stephen about all sorts of random stuff and somehow, Stephen always had an answer. Whether they met before school, after school, called each other on Skype or just a simple phone call, Stephen managed to always have an answer to Logan’s questions.

LOGAN: We’ll just meet before school. It shouldn’t take too long.

STEPHEN: Alright. I’ll see you then.

LOGAN: Okay.

The time on his phone read 7:32 am. He got up off the bed and went back down the stairs. Thomas was waiting near the door.

“Ready to go?”

“Yeah.” Logan responded, slinging his backpack over his shoulder and grabbing his running bag. Thomas did likewise, except with a wrestling bag instead of running. They exited the house, telling their mother goodbye and walked over to the Explorer. Both brothers threw their stuff in the backseat and hopped in the front, Thomas in the driver’s seat. They drove the five minute drive in silence, listening to whatever was on the radio at the moment. They arrived at the school and the brothers removed their bags from the backseat. Both walked into the school and then parted ways, Logan going to his locker and Thomas seating himself at a nearby table where his wrestling friends were seated.

Both brothers would not see each other for the rest of the day. Neither brother, though, knew that it would be the last time they’d see each other in quite a long time.

* * * * *

“Hey,” Logan said as he joined his group of friends gathered near his locker. His group consisted of four people: Brandon, Michael, Stephen and Mark.

“Hey,” they all responded as they moved to allow him to enter the circle. He entered and stood by Stephen.

Brandon was the fastest runner on the cross-country team, having a mile time of four minutes and eighteen seconds, three seconds from a state record. His six foot two height gave him the long legs needed for running as well. Michael was the smallest, his height measuring barely more than five feet. Still, he ran surprisingly fast, pulling in a mile time of five minutes and nine seconds. Stephen had the same height as Logan and ran about the same pace as Logan so it was always a competition at practice to see who was the fastest that day. Both boys had pulled in a mile time of four minutes and thirty-two seconds. Mark was right in between everyone in both height and mile time. He measured five foot eight and had a mile time of five minutes and one second.

“Stephen, can I talk to you?” Logan said quietly. Stephen, standing next to him, acknowledged and both peeled themselves away from the group and went to stand against a wall.

“What is it?” Stephen asked, leaning himself against the wall. He always was concerned about others, especially those close to him. Logan sighed and took a breath before saying anything.

“So my dream last night, it was…weird to say the least.” He proceeded to tell Stephen about the dream, blowing himself up for some reason. Stephen listened intently, nodding every once in a while and shifting his weight between his feet to avoid putting a foot to sleep. When Logan was done, he thought about what he'd been told for a minute.

“Well, I would say it was a flashback but you haven't been in the armed services. While you are wanting to go into the services, I'd say maybe a flash into the future but that's a stretch. That doesn't seem like you, though. Committing suicide?” He gives Logan a weird look and sighs. “I don't know. The one's gonna take me a minute.” A pause. “I'll think about it and let you know after first hour.”

“Sounds good.” Logan responded. Logan faintly heard his name being said and both went back to reclaim their spots in the circle.

“Why did I hear my name?” Logan asked suspiciously.

“Nothing,” Brandon said, putting on a hilariously stupid I’m innocent face.

“Uh huh,” Logan said, moving towards Brandon. “Every time my name’s said, I know it’s bad.”

“Oh yeah.” Brandon said sarcastically. “It’s always bad when we say your name. Especially if it involved a girl’s name in the same sentence.” Brandon grinned and Logan playfully punched his arm. He had a habit of acting like he was going to beat someone up but never did because he would never intentionally hurt his friends. Brandon dramatically grabbed his arm and simply said “Ow” sarcastically, causing every to laugh. Brandon and Stephen were always fighting to see who could be the funniest and it usually was Brandon. Brandon had a wit for making jokes based on what someone did. Stephen, on the other hand, made jokes based on what people said. Stephen was the one who roasted you if you didn’t choose your words carefully. It was pretty funny and when the two combined their skills, they made a pretty hilarious pair.

The path to Logan’s locker was clear now and he twisted the combination lock. Once he’d entered all three numbers, he lifted the release and pulled the door open. He put his backpack inside and grabbed a notebook and two pencils. He closed the locker and turned around. The bell sounded and the group dispersed, each person going their own separate way. All yelled their goodbye’s and separated, all figuring they’d see each other at lunch.

They would see each other again, just not in the way they thought.

Logan made his way to his class and took a seat next to Abigail, a girl that he was secretly crushing on.

“Hey,” he said to her.

“Hey, Logan.” she said happily before turning away, her attention drawn to her friend who had sat down on the other side of her. Logan smiled. He liked Abigail and wanted to date her. But he couldn’t yet. He was LDS and didn’t want to date until he was sixteen. He turned sixteen in a little over five months so he could wait. Until then though, he flirted because why not? Today, it seemed like there was something serious going on between her and her friend so Logan decided not to get in the middle of that. The bell rang and the teacher, Mr Brassell, called roll. Once done, he launched into a lecture about how to tell the difference between a noun and pronoun. Logan was stubborn and didn’t want to listen to any of this so he opened the laptop on his desk and went to his favorite site, a military news site. He scrolled through and read a few articles before he found nothing else of interest. He logged out and closed the laptop, glancing at the time. It had been fifteen minutes. Oh my goodness, he thought. He turned his attention briefly to the teacher.

“And that, class, is how you find if a verb is a helping or action verb.” Logan barely heard this; he’d already turned attention away. He saw nothing better to do so he put his head in his palm so it was resting on his wrist and began to fall asleep. English class was so boring. Besides Abigail, of course. His head began to slide off his hand. It did and gravity began to take over, throwing his head toward the desk. He suddenly snapped awake to prevent from hitting the desk and sat upright. He looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Luckily, no one did and Logan resumed his original position. After repeating this two more times, he decided the better option was to just lay his head down on his desk. He crossed his arms, set them on the desk and rested his head on them, closing his eyes.

* * * * *

“This isn't going to work the way you think it will! He's not going to survive!” Who was that?

“Quit your yelling.” The man's voice was back. “He's totally fine and ready for this. We've been observing for the past four years and I think I'd know if he was ready. And, again, he did express that attribute in his DNA. It's hardwired into his system.”

“Yeah, but he hasn't been trained. He won't know what to do under the circumstances!”

“Yes he will. Somehow, without being taught, he already knows basic combat. He knows everything already. Why would we let this perfectly good opportunity go to waste?” Before the other man had time to answer, another voice spoke.

“Sir, we've found another.”

“Another? Is that even possible?”

“Apparently. And the crazy thing is...he has no record in his family of ever being in the military.”

“Including the World Wars?”



“His grandparents were not drafted in any of the wars.”

“Huh,” A pause. “Well, Logan, it seems as though you're not alone in this.”

* * * * *

Logan felt something coming up behind him. He remained still with his eyes closed but got ready. Once the presence was close enough, he whipped around and punched the person hard. A huge gasp sucked the air out of the room as Logan realized where he was and what he'd just done.

He'd punched the teacher. The teacher crumpled to the floor, unconscious and blood began to ooze out of his nose where Logan had burst the blood vessel. Logan stood there, astonished and amazed at what he’d just done. He picked up his things and walked out of the classroom. After all, who was going to stop him? He walked out; everyone watched him go in disbelief and awe. No one dared follow him, yet they all wanted to. Logan went to his locker and was entering the combination when the power went out and the magnets holding the doors open died, allowing the doors to close. He was trapped. Darkness swallowed the hallway; there were no windows down this hall and it was pitch black. The school was silent almost as if everyone knew something was about to happen. Something bad. Logan heard a poof close by, almost as if someone had dropped through the ceiling tiles. He heard a loud hiss and a blinding pain mushroomed in his side. He screamed out and hit the floor. He reached down to grab the wound and felt something warm and sticky. He couldn't see it but he knew that it was blood. It became unnaturally warm under his back as the blood oozed all over the floor. Through clenched teeth, he managed to get his breathing down, which slowed his heart rate. A fast heart rate when one is injured allows the blood to be pumped faster throughout the body and to the wound. He felt a small prick near his collarbone and an extremely cold wave washed over his body, numbing it almost instantly. Soon, he wasn’t able to move his body either. He heard footsteps come closer to him. They stopped and he heard something being drug across the floor. He looked up and saw a blinking red light. He watched it steadily move down his vision. It took him a second to figure out what was going on.

He was being drug across the floor. There wasn’t anything he could do; he was numb and paralyzed. The sound stopped, telling Logan that he’d stopped being drug on the floor. He heard a grunt and everything went silent.

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