Everything Has Changed

Two former friends with ten years that passed them by have found themselves back in each other's lives. Because all she knew that everything has changed.


7. "To Have Loved and Lost..."

Harry’s POV | “Taylor’s still out with her friends?” Liam and Louis were at the flat. We were all getting ready to drive out to the hotel. It had been decided that we all take one car. Niall was going separately with Selena. The girls would be getting ready with Angela, if she was still going with me.

“She’s going to be the attending the reunion with her friends.” I said while rolling up my sleeves. Liam and Louis gave each other looks. I knew exactly what they were thinking. It was then a knock sounded at the door. It was 4:30pm. We were ready to head out soon.

Liam had gone to answer the door. I heard him say Angela’s name in complete surprise. Immediately, I walked out of my room into the main area and saw her wearing a blue dress. I stared at her in awe, not knowing what else to do but compliment her. “You look beautiful.” Angela blushed and smiled, only quietly thanking me. Louis was just coming out of the bathroom, also seeing Angela in her dress.

“Are you riding with us?” asked he.

“I told El and Soph to stop by here. I needed to give Harry something.” Angela reached into her silver clutch and pulled out an envelope to hand over to me. I didn’t know what it was for. I was about to ask when she said, “Open it after the party. I’ll see you guys at the hotel.”

Angela quickly left the flat. I slid the envelop into a pocket inside my jacket. The three of us headed out after her and got in my car to begin the drive to the hotel. Upon our arrival at the ballroom, I saw Niall and Selena just waiting outside the entrance to the ballroom.

I greeted them both with hugs. “Has Angela arrived yet?” asked Niall. Both of them had known Angela was invited because she was friends with Sophia. Neither of them knew I had asked her to be my date. I answered that she had gotten a ride with Eleanor and Sophia. “What about Taylor?”

“She’s inside with Gigi and Zayn.” answered Selena. Liam and Louis were waiting for the girls to arrive, so they could enter the ballroom with their dates. Finally they arrived with Eleanor and Sophia walking ahead of Angela as they approached their dates. I told them I’d see them inside just as they were heading into the ballroom.

“Well, well Niall… you sure dress up nice.” Angela smiled. I turned my head, now only seeing Angela arrive. She was left to approach the three of us. She greeted him with a warm hug. I briefly glanced over at Selena who didn’t mind the two friends hugging. “Same to you.” Niall chuckled. “Though, you always look nice.”

Angela pulled away and said, “Thanks. Nice to see you again Selena.”

“Same to you.” Selena smiled. Well, at least I had silent hope that they would be on good terms throughout the event. Selena said that she was going to head inside and find the rest of the group before heading inside. Angela was left with Niall and I for just a few moments before Taylor headed towards our direction, emerging from the ballroom.

She was sporting a black dress with a slit that traveled half-way up her thigh. “Hey baby.” She smiled and greeted me with a kiss on my cheek. She had been followed by Zayn and Gigi. No surprise there. Once she pulled away, I saw a change in her gaze when she locked eyes with Angela.

“I didn’t know you were invited. Who’s your date?” Niall had then excused himself and headed inside the ballroom to find our friends. Wish I could do the same. I silently thought. I briefly took notice of Zayn catching a quick glance at Angela. Was there something between them I didn’t know about?

“Sophia and I are friends. I wanted to show her nothing but support. Besides, my date unfortunately was asked to go with someone else. See you inside.” Who was she alluding to? Angela smirked at Taylor, and also at Gigi, before heading inside the ballroom. I think I was falling for her even more now.

It was difficult not to stare after her when she walked inside. Taylor gave me a look, which meant to deal with Angela. I told her that it wasn’t my problem. She headed inside and was followed by Gigi. Zayn and I were left alone. This was the first time we were together since the band had split.

“Why were you at the restaurant that night?” I asked. 

“Angela and I are friends. I just happened to be in London when I was invited to have dinner. I showed up because Gigi didn’t want to show up to this reunion without a date.” he answered. Then he had proceeded to enter the ballroom. I reluctantly followed afterwards.

After dinner had been served, everyone had gone out to dance on the main floor. Angela had been talking with her friends in one group and Taylor in the other. “Sorry to interrupt everyone, but can I have your attention?” The music stopped playing and everyone had turned to see Liam out on stage.

I glanced over at Niall and Louis who had the same looks as I did. We weren’t expecting this at all. “I know most of you know who I am, and if you don’t, I’m Sophia’s boyfriend, Liam. Nice to meet you.” He started. “I think you’re all wondering why you’ve waited ten years to come together. You all know Sophia and I met in Secondary school. It wasn’t until years later that I would get the chance to date such a beautiful and intelligent woman. I can honestly say that I may be the luckiest guy in this room. So, Sophia if you could just come and join me on stage. I would just like to ask you something.” We all watched him pull something out from his pocket and kneel down on one knee. “Will you marry me?” 

“Yes Liam, I will.” Sophia smiled into the microphone. The two of them shared a sweet kiss after the ring was placed on her finger. Everyone in the entire room had clapped. Just after Liam’s proposal, I had noticed that Zayn had walked over to Angela.

The two of them started to have a conversation, inaudible for everyone else. I asked Louis if he knew anything about the two of them. Though, it looked as if her friends didn’t want to speak up about it either. What was going on between them that I didn’t know about?

I glanced over in Gigi’s direction, who seemed to have that jealousy look. I’m sure it was written all over my face too. Then the two of them started heading out of the ballroom together. A part of me wanted to follow and another part wanted to stay behind. I followed after them, only calling out her name.

Angela turned and looked over at me. “I didn’t say goodbye to because you knew how much I would love to stay here. If it weren’t for you, I’d be living in Los Angeles by now. Every single one of our friends knows it. I have always factored you in, thinking about you with every single decision I’ve made in the last three years. All my life I wish for a future with you, and I made a mistake by not having the chance to see you one last time.”

Our friends, including Taylor and her friends have followed me out of the ballroom. I knew they had heard the entire thing. I saw Angela shake her head. She still hadn’t bothered to move from her spot with Zayn. “Well, I guess now I don’t have to make the same mistake.” said she.

“I’m not going to lose you again Angela.”

She looked down and sighed, “You already did.”

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