Everything Has Changed

Two former friends with ten years that passed them by have found themselves back in each other's lives. Because all she knew that everything has changed.


8. The Big Move

The next morning I found myself back at the house. Beside me was Zayn asleep in bed. I reminisced about the night before. He opened his eyes to see me gazing back at him. He smiled, "Well, good morning to you beautiful girl." He pressed his lips to mine. I returned the kiss and pulled away. "I have to head back to the flat. Gigi and her friends need a ride to the airport."

I nodded and asked him if he would be interested staying for coffee. Zayn agreed to stay, just as long as I join him for a shower. I rolled my eyes, and yet, I couldn't resist having one with him.

After our shower, we got dressed and I headed downstairs to brew a pot of coffee. I couldn't help but wonder if Harry had read the letter I had given him, or if Taylor had somehow seen it. I am going to assume that he he hadn't read it yet.

The coffee was brewed and handed a cup to Zayn. "Thanks." He said after adding some creamer to it. "Is there something on your mind?" He sounded concerned. I wasn't sure if I should tell him about how I was feeling. 

Guess I was still thinking about Harry, especially leaving him at the ballroom when I left with Zayn last night. I remember seeing the look on his face. It was almost as if he had known that he had already lost me. "How do you think Gigi feels about us leaving together last night?" I asked him.

"She may be wondering the same thing that Harry's thinking about." said he. I figured he might mention Harry's name. After finishing our coffee, Zayn had gotten dressed and headed out after kissing me again. "See you later beautiful." He exited the flat.

I could do nothing more but smile as if I were in Secondary school all over again. My phone rang. Eleanor had called and asked me to meet her with our friends at the coffee shop. I took a quick shower, got dressed, and headed out.

When I arrived, I wasn't sure what I would expect my friends to say about last night. "Last night was interest." said Louis. "None of us were expecting Harry to publicly apologize to you at the reunion."

"What does this mean for Taylor and Harry?" I asked.

"Taylor, Gigi, and Sel are all heading home." answered Liam. "Niall and Zayn are going to make sure that they board their planes safely."

"Well, what Harry said about you last night seemed to make Taylor upset." added Sophia. I hadn't exactly planned to go with Harry to the reunion. My intention was to go with Zayn and leave with him. However, Gigi was also in the city and had to go with Zayn instead. I had just left with him.

Though with how everything unfolded last night, I added on by saying that I wasn't expecting for Harry to come out and apologize to me either. "What happened between you two that made him say all those things, especially about coming back here?" Eleanor asked.

"The other night he took me out to dinner. We were at this park. It was the same place when I told him that I was moving to California. It was the same summer that he had planned to audition for The X Factor. We talked about his last letter that he had written to me. I told him I wanted to hear what was inside of it from him. Yesterday, I had decide to read its contents. When he reads my reply to that letter, he's going to know why I left with Zayn. I didn't want it to be this way." I answered.

"What exactly did you say in that letter you wrote him?" I knew my friends were curious now. I didn't want to tell them what I wrote. I didn't want them to know that I had been planning to move back to California and live with Zayn. I mean, moving back to London was hard enough, especially with Harry being with someone else.

I wanted to take myself out of the equation, to allow him to be with Taylor instead of me. Before I could say anything, a car parked in front of the coffee shop. It was Harry. "Angela, we need to talk." said he.

"How did you know I was here?" 

"Sophia told me. I read your letter. You ere going to leave without telling me? I thought you had a job here in the city. I thought you were deciding to stay here for good."

"In these past two weeks Harry, you've been spending a lot of your time trying to get me back."

"So, the other night didn't matter to you?"

I stood. "It did matter. I decided to resign from my job. Harry, I didn't need you to buy me my childhood hope and fill it with new stuff. What I wanted and always needed for ten years was for you to be my best friend again. I'm sure Taylor seemed really shocked to hear that you've been seeing me behind her back. I don't want the new Harry. I want the old one. I want the one who wrote to me in those letters. I want the Harry who took the time to write me a song. I want the Harry I met and fell in love with. I thought that maybe you'd wait for me but you didn't. You lived your life with another woman, and I felt that it would be better if I took myself out of the equation."

"So, you were going to pull the same stunt? Just leave without a goodbye? Ange, leaving doesn't solve problems. It only makes them worse."

"You left."

"Yes, I left. So did you when you moved to California. After ten years, we are having an argument in this coffee shop when we should talk about the fact Taylor and I have broken up. I came here to tell you, ask, beg, plead to you that I don't want you to move away to California. I bought your childhood home because I knew how much the house meant to you. It was where you could build your future, our future. I came here to fight for you to stay with me because I always had hope for us, that we will be together someday. If not ten years ago, then I figured now should be the right time. I want to fix everything that's broken between us, and I'm hoping you're willing to stick through this too. I have never discussed in detail about my future plans with everyone else, except you. So if you want to hop on a plane and move to California, okay. We'll go together. Angela, I love you. No one can change that."

We were making a scene in the coffee shop because everyone started to look in our direction. I didn't realize how serious Harry was until now. "How do I know that your breakup with Taylor isn't just another publicity stunt? As much as I'm grateful to finally hear those words, I wanted to avoid this. I wanted to avoid being the reason you and Taylor are broken up. Now, she will know me as the girl who ended your relationship. I cannot live her knowing that. I have to go."

I grabbed my bag and headed out the door. I couldn't go back home. I couldn't go to my parents' house either. I had decided to head to the airport, wondering if Taylor and her friends had already boarded their plane.

When I arrived at the airport, they were still waiting in line to check-in. Zayn had caught my attention and was more than surprised to see me. As I approached them, Selena had greeted me a warm and welcoming hug. As for Gigi and Taylor, all I got were looks. It could've been worse.

I confronted Taylor. I knew she would be upset with Harry and I. She had just checked-in when I stopped her. "Look, I know you don't like me. You and I aren't having relationship troubles. We're having Harry Styles troubles. So, if you could just stop being a brat for just a second and hear me out, you need to listen to what I have to say." I told her.

It was at this point she faced me. I had a feeling other people around us would be interested in what was going on, especially that it's Taylor Swift herself. I knew she would be acting this way. I couldn't blame her, especially when it involved someone like Harry.

"I don't really do this often. You know, intervene in my friends' relationships. I care a lot about my friends and their happiness. Harry just so happens to be one of my friends. I think he deserves someone good for him, someone who's going to support him all the way. I have made my decision to move to California in order for you to start a new life, maybe with Harry or someone new. I realize that moving back here was a big mistake. You should know that I'm sorry for coming in-between you two. Thank you for listening." I bid my goodbye.

Over the next three days, Zayn had helped me pack up all of my things in my flat, as well as packing his things as well to make the big move to Los Angeles. I had called the company that I have been working for and said I wouldn't be able to work for them since I am moving.

I needed to say goodbye to this city. There were many memories that I've created. I knew that I had to start fresh and living in California would bring me one step closer to having a clean slate. Like Harry had done with me, I didn't say goodbye. 

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