Everything Has Changed

Two former friends with ten years that passed them by have found themselves back in each other's lives. Because all she knew that everything has changed.


2. My Childhood Home

I had awoken the next morning seeing Zayn fast asleep in bed. He was not wearing a shirt. In all honesty, I did not mind this at all. Yet, I replayed the scene after the restaurant in my head. I hadn’t fought with Harry before. It was then I felt Zayn stir awake beside me. His light colored eyes gazing at me. “Morning.” I said.

He smiled, “Morning. How about we stay in and have some breakfast?”

“I have to go home.” I told him.

“After breakfast.” He insisted. I gave in and said that I’ll see him downstairs. I started to get dressed and exited the room. As I started cooking breakfast, I felt Zayn come up behind me. He put his hands on my waist and his lips to my neck. Why was he so good at distracting me?

When I finished breakfast, the two of us sat down to eat. “He doesn’t know, does he?” Zayn was referring to the time I had spent in Los Angeles with Zayn during one of my breaks from Uni. It was during the time I was there that Harry was in the same city as I was. I remember I had seen him with another girl. Though, he didn’t see me.

Zayn and I were close. I wouldn’t call him my boyfriend. I shook my head, only wondering what would have happened if Harry had seen us together. After we ate, I drove my car back to my flat. I was relieved to be home after an eventful evening. Just shortly after my quick shower and a change of clothes, I heard a knock sound at the door.

When I answered, Harry was at the door. I was about to close the door in his face when he stopped me. “We need to talk.” said he. I told him I didn’t want to talk. “Can we be adults about this?” I sighed. I headed out of the flat with him and walked with him out to his car. We get in.

I asked about where we were going. He told me that it was a surprise and that I should close my eyes. At first I didn’t trust him but he insisted, I closed my eyes. After what seemed like a 10 minute drive, I felt the car come to a halt. I heard the door open and close to my right before hearing my own door open.

I managed to unbuckle myself from the passenger seat. Harry had helped me out of the car. I heard the door close and felt him start to lead me somewhere. “I still have to keep my eyes closed?” I was bothered at not knowing where I was going, especially when he knew. 

“We’re almost there, don’t worry.” We walked for what seemed like another minute or so before he stopped. I had bumped into his back and heard him chuckle. “You can open your eyes now.” I opened my eyes, adjusting to the bright sunlight before standing in front of a house. 

This house had an open front yard, long driveway. It reminded me of my childhood home before my parents had decided to sell it. We had moved into another house, a smaller one until we moved to California. It was then I started to realize that this was my childhood home. I had only lived at this house until I was around seven. “This is my childhood home. Why did you take me here?” I turned to him.

Harry smiled and handed me a key. I wasn’t sure what he was planning. We walked up the pathway to the front door. “here’s the key to the house. Don’t worry about paying for anything because I’ve got it all covered. Now, I can ask for the house to be signed over to you as the owner since it’s currently under my name. You can choose to live here or stay at your flat. That’s up to you.”

“How were you able to buy this? I thought the house would be lived in another family.”

“You know, when you become a famous celebrity, we do get paid.” He chuckled. “I had offered a sum of money the previous owners couldn’t resist and bought this from them. Also, I had it renovated to your liking. I know what you might be thinking. I didn’t ask Taylor to move in with me when I bought this house. I remember how much you talked about missing your childhood home. I promised that someday that I’d get it for you, and you laughed at me.

“I never took her here, if it makes you feel better. I knew you wanted the memory of your home to stay intact. I remember coming here as a kid, and we’d go in one of the rooms that would serve as a hideout. It still exists, if you want to see it.” I told him I would like that.

I inserted the key into the door and opened it. Many memories of this house had flooded into my mind. While though the furniture had been replaced with new ones, it still felt like home. We entered the house and walked upstairs to one of the rooms that had a secret passaged leading up to the attic.

I turned on the light and looked around as soon as I entered. Harry followed after me. There was a stack of letters piled up in the corner of the attic, as well as some pictures of our childhood. I walked over and picked up a stack because there were multiple. “I meant to send those and figured you were still upset with me, so I didn’t send them.” said he.

“I can’t let us leave things the way they were back at the restaurant. I want us to be able to talk through our situation like we used to.” I could only stare at the stacks of letters piled up in the attic. I set the stack down next to he others. “Remember making a vow that this was our secret hideout from the world? I know your mum once came up here trying to get us to come down for dinner. We would share what we were feeling with each other. It was a judge-free zone.”

Harry was right. I hadn’t really brought anyone here since before the move. Troy was the only person I would take up here as a child. We headed back down into the main room. “I can’t accept—“

“After everything I put you through, you deserve this.” He interrupted. “I can help bring the letters down into your new office.”

“Why are you doing all of this for me?”

“I wish I had more time to explain. Just, enjoy this.” I nodded in response to his answer. Harry drove me back to my flat. We parted ways. I retreated back into the flat. I still couldn’t believe that he had bought my childhood home and gave me the key. I could call my parents and tell them about it. I don’t think they’d be as surprised as me to hear the news.

Why was he really doing this? I’m not the one he’s marrying. Eleanor sent me a text asking if I wanted to meet the girls at the mall. I got ready to head out. She stoped by my flat to pick me up and drive down to the mall. While in the car, I told my friends about Harry giving me the key to my childhood home. “Wait, he didn’t buy the house for himself to move in?” asked Sophia. I told them about the conversation Harry and I had at the house.

Once arriving at the mall, Liam and Louis were there too. They said Harry couldn’t make it because he had an appointment to get to. Guess I was a bit relieved to hear that. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see him. I didn’t want to have to deal with Taylor. “Is there something on your mind?” Both Liam and Louis had walked with me, following my friends.

I was still thinking about the conversation Harry and I had in the attic. It was hard to tell whether or not he was serious. Since it has been 10 years, Harry has become difficult to read these days. Usually, I could tell by looking into his eyes. Now it seems as though we have both changed after being away from each other for so long. “Harry gave me the key to my childhood home.” I answered.

“We thought he was crazy telling us about the idea to buy that house. We didn’t think he’d actually go through with it. He has his reason for leaving the house to you. I’m sure there are questions you still would want to ask him.” said Louis. “I think it’s what he would have wanted for you. I mean, he told us that your childhood home was what you constantly talked about until you moved to California.”

Harry wanted me to be able to live in my childhood home? I mean, eventually it would have been left to me if we hadn’t moved out of it. I remember when I had moved back to London to attend Uni that I drove by the house, only wishing to live in it again. I remember briefly visiting Harry’s parents and sister.

At the time, Harry was on tour with the guys. I remember catching up on how I was doing at Uni and how I was doing in general. I felt that they were keeping something from me. I wasn’t sure if they were expressing their concern for me or for Harry. “Is he… Is he happy with her?” We had stopped walking when my friends entered the store.

Louis and Liam exchanged glances. It was difficult enough for me to ask the question out loud. It was almost as if neither of them wanted to tell me the truth until Liam had spoken. “When you left the restaurant, Harry came back inside. He said that he needed to take a drive and wanted to be alone. We let him go. He was hurt. Something you said must’ve struck a chord, and I’m sure you saw it as well.

“Lou tired to call him that night, and Niall tried too. We didn’t know where he went. Then earlier today, Harry left a message saying that he was going over to see you. He didn’t give us any details on where he was going. I wish I could… I could lie and say he’s happy with Taylor. Though, everyone else can see it Ange. He’s not happy, not with anyone but you.

“I think he’s regretting the decision he made. When you graduated Uni, we all wanted to be there to support you. He was supposed to drive up with us. He decided against going, thinking you didn’t want to see him.” I remembered that day perfectly. Liam and Louis were there for me. They were there to see me graduate. They congratulated me. My friends, El and Sophia were there too.

However, shortly after their congratulatory greetings, I searched the crowd for a face that never showed.The one person I wanted to be there more than my own parents did not show. “I think a part of him still loves you.” Louis added. I couldn’t agree more because a part of me somehow still loves Harry too.

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