Cienna Morgan


2. Chapter Two

I slowly opened my eyes and felt needles pricking my skin all over my body.

I slowly ripped out all the needles and stood up, then noticing that my legs were in bandages.

I slowly walked to the door as someone grabbed the other side of the handle and twisted it around to open the don't.

”I am sorry, miss, but you need to be laying down right now. You shouldn't even be up or walking around. Just lay back down on the bed, and while I check your legs, Leo will explain who and what you are, ” the guy that had a doctors coat said and pointed to the boy behind him.

I made my way back to the bed and quickly laid back down on it as he slowly tore off the bandages on my legs, making me wince as the boy named Leo said, ” Do you know Greek Mythology?” I nodded my head in response and he sat down on the chair that was by my bed.

”Well, all that stuff is true. You are a demigod, and so am I and Will, the guy removing your bandages.

”I am a son of Hephaestus and Will is the son of Apollo. This is a camp for people like you, me, and Will.

”I am guessing you want to know what happened to your friend. He is a member of this camp but he was assigned a mission to go find you a couple years ago when he was small, and Julian is also a son of Apollo. Do you understand the whole process of things now?”

I nodded my had as Will suddenly gasped and stumbled away as Leo took a look at my legs.

”They are perfectly fine?” Will questioned himself as I got up and walked around a bit, then remembering what happened.

It all came back to me at once.

”Those monsters, are they all dead?” I asked as I clicked the moon crest and quickly grabbed my sword, making sure to pear out the window at the other campers outside.

”Chill out. They can't reach in here, and you killed all of them. Why don't I show you around?” asked Leo as I inched towards the door and opened it, glad to feel the sun on my face.

I nodded my head and he took my hand and led me around camp, people staring at me. I made sure my face was hiding behind my hood.

”Why don't you put that sword away.”

”No. I just want to get some food.”

”Fine, just follow me to the dining pavilion and we will attend lunch and you will start your classes.”

I nodded my head in agreement and slowly followed Leo.

” You will be staying with the Hermes cabin until you are claimed. They are the table over in that corner, ”Leo said as he pointed towards a table of people goofing around.

I slowly sat down there, staring at my food as I hesitantly ate the fries and sipped down on some root beer. I then picked up my tray and followed people towards the campfire as I dumped the rest off my food into the fire and prayed that I would soon be ’claimed’.

As I slowly sat back down, the Hermes cabin got up and walked towards their cabin, when one of them said,”Hello, I am Travis Stoll. You will be following us around camp until you are claimed and so on. Your bunk is right there with a change of clothes.”

”Where are the bathrooms?” I asked.

” They are over that way. There is a sign in the front that says bathroom. It is pretty easy to read.”

I pick up the clothes off of my bed and quickly go to the bathroom and take a shower, quickly getting dressed and so on.

I then joined the Hermes cabin in the combat arena and the teacher introduced himself as Percy Jackson, then called me down and told me to pick a sword.

He watched as I pressed the moon crest on my necklace and the sword appears in my hand, still covered in monster blood.

Percy then comes at me but I block his attack and quickly tried to slice off his hands as he swiped at my waist, and I bent backward, doing a backflip in the process.

I quickly ran back at him and our swords kept clashing against each other until he finally had enough and sent water after my feet. I quickly moved out of the way and slashed at his wrist, leaving him with a cut.

He got angry and slashed at me nonstop, until he sliced my hood off.

He suddenly stopped as he looks at me and I took that moment to knock him down by tripping him with my leg, causing him to fall, and I pointed my sword at his throat.

”I surrender, ” he says as he continues to stare at me.

I hear the whole class cheering as I helped him up, and he flipped me over, smashing me into the ground.

Everyone gasped as I grasped onto his arm, and threw him into a wall.

”We dine now?” I ask as I look at him with my sword just an inch from his throat.

I then hear a clap coming from the other side of the arena, and turned around to see a guy in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts clapping his hands.

”Dionysus, nice to meet you, finally,” I say and turn around towards him with a smile and he slowly frowns.

”Why frown, Dionysus?”

”You remind me of one of those people that I have seen in a painted picture. Heck, you look a lot like great-grandma Gaea, and someone I learned about a long time ago. Oh well, I am looking forward to you two fighting in front of everyone after dinner. It was pleasant to watch you two fight since you both have some battle experience. You have the rest of the day off, Cienna. Go have some fun.”

I ran off to the Athena cabin and asked to read some of their books. They let me do so and I quickly got into the book.

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