Cienna Morgan


3. Chapter Three

I sat in the Athena cabin while I read most of their books in their cabin and it was mostly based on architecture and the god/dess’.

I quickly looked through the books as I saw a girl walk towards me. ”You are awake? Sorry, I am Annabeth Chase, a daughter of Athena, and Percy’s girlfriend.”

A/N: Sorry guys and girls, the text suddenly changed to a smaller one and I didn't know how to change it. Please tell me in the comments if you know.

” Hi, it is nice to meet you. I have been talking to your siblings and they said to talk to you about architecture?” I ask as I see her face light up.

”I am currently reconstructing Olympus. I can use some ideas from other people, but nobody likes architecture as much as me, so I will spill some secrets about how I think with you, ” she gladly says as she sits down beside me and says, ” I am struggling on the garden area where Demeter usually is, and she doesn't like it unorganized and looking like a field that got burnt to smotherings.”

I quickly thought about it and started sketching out a plan. Annabeth watched me with interest as I sketched out how I thought about it and put the supplies by the list.

”She would maybe like the place to be basically filled with wildlife, so why don't we have the entrances have vines swirled around them and the grass cut on the path to where it almost doesn't show but covers the brown Earth..” I continued on with explaining what I sketched and we sat there, thinking about the changes she wanted to make, and me improving the choice.

We finally stopped planning as a conch horn sounded for us all to be summoned to the dining pavilion.

I followed the Athena cabin and asked if I could sit with the Athena cabin by Annabeth.

Chiron allowed me to and I scraped my steak into the fire and prayed once again that si would soon be claimed.

I sat down by Annabeth and quickly said, ”Chiron allowed me to. Anyways, ” I started as Percy sat down on the other side of Annabeth.

”Why is Cienna here?” Percy asked.

”Her and I are thinking about the architecture of the garden area. So far, she has shown that she might be Athena’s child, ” she said quickly and her and I kept talking about the garden until Dionysus suddenly stood up.

” Attention, everyone, if you were in the same combat arena class as Cienna Morgan, you should know that Percy and she are going to be dueling again in the combat arena. Since dinner is almost over, I want Percy and Cienna to head over to the combat arena and get ready.”

Percy and I stood up together and he led me to the combat arena.

I just stood there as I messed with my necklace and tried to remember where I got it when I suddenly got a splitting headache and gasped.

”You okay kid?” Percy asked.

” Yes, I think I am fine, ” I replied as the combat arena started to fill up.

I slowly backed up to the other side of the arena as everyone sat down and Chiron said, ” Powers are allowed, and you fight until one surrender. Ready?”

I slowly nodded my head ad the headache started to subside.

”Charge!” he yells and runs out of the center of the arena.

Percy made the first move, seeing it as a chance since I didn't have my weapon out yet.

A/N: Cienna got another hoodie, just saying. So that she could hide her scars.

I quickly flipped backward as his sword kept coming at me until I suddenly felt something coming from behind me, and quickly sidestepped.

He looked in front of him shocked until I finally got my sword out and sliced into his flesh a little, making him wince a bit as I quickly thought about moving faster than I could behind him, and I was suddenly behind him.

Everyone aaawwed as I quickly sliced into his back, and I saw his eyes go mad.

Percy’s POV

A/N: I am going to do some switching with the POV’s sometimes, but not all the time. Like whenever I start a story and it doesn't have anybody’s name and POV by it, that means it is in Cienna’s POV.

I watched her closely, but she suddenly disappeared. I tried to quickly turn around, but then I felt her sword slice into my back.

I felt so pathetic, thinking that I won two wars, but I couldn’t win against her.

She quickly backflipped away from me so that she could keep an eye on me, but I willed the water in the air to grab onto her hoodie, and she quickly took it off as she held her shirt down.

Her curly black hair shown once again with those haunted white eyes, yet I didn't stop running to her until I felt the angIt er boiling off of her skin.

I then looked at her skin to see black scars all over her arms and she gave me a quick glare as she slammed her sword down on Riptide, making Riptide crack a bit under the pressure.

Cienna’s POV

I got really mad when I had to take my hoodie off, and crashed my sword down on his and dropped down as his sword sliced where my waist would've been when I tripped him with my foot, and placed my sword on his neck as he yelled, ”I SURRENDER!”

I watched as the blood slowly dripped down his beck, a mesmerizing red color that made me think of roses.

I quickly helped him up and he flipped me back down again as I threw him into the wall opposite of me.

”Do you surrender now?” I ask as I put the sword back on his neck and pressed into his skin ever so slightly.

”OK, and I mean it this time.”

I stepped back as I grabbed my hoodie and walked out of the combat arena, with the Hermes cabin following me close behind.

I opened the door and went over to my bunk and watched as many people congratulated me and fell asleep.

I quickly looked out the window that was right by my bunk and prayed to the gods that one of the would claim me and that I wouldn't care which one did.

I opened up the window slightly, and began to close my eyes as I heard a soothing voice say, ” Soon, my child.”

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