Cienna Morgan


6. Chapter Six

I slowly opened my eyes as I saw Annabeth in the corner.

She watched as I winced a bit and called in Apollo, panic coming to her voice.

I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out as Annabeth handed me a cup of something.

I quickly drank it down, and tried to savor the taste.

"Ciennalus, how are you?" Apollo asks as he flips through some papers on a clipboard to see how much healing I have been doing.

"Have I done something wrong?" I ask, shutting my mouth as Apollo said quickly,"I must go, the Olympians were worried about where I went.

"Annabeth, I want you to make sure Cienna sleeps in here for tonight, and make sure to warn me if she gets another scar like the others. Good day!" He yells as we have to look away as he flashes to Olympus.

"Please, tell me I was out for a week, or I am officially going crazy," I say to Annabeth.

"Yeah, how did you know?" she questioned as I sat there, making up an excuse to hide the dreams.

"Just a wild guess. I feel like I haven't slept at all," I complain as I rip the needles out from underneath my skin carelessly and am thankful that my shirt and jacket were laying on a chair.

Thank the gods.

I quickly slip that on and saunter out of the room, noticing it from my past experience of being here.

Annabeth followed behind me and suddenly swooped up in front of me, making me come to an abrupt stop.

"We need to try and see who is your godly parent, young one. Now, I want to see you climb that wall with lava pouring down the side of it and jump down to the ground safely from where you just climbed up, and no cheating. Now, HUSTLE!" she yelled as I quickly ran to the lava wall and tried to get up as best as I could.


I sat down at the Hermes cabins table and quickly took a bite of my strawberry when I heard Chiron ask for our attention.

" We will be doing capture the flag after dinner. You would need to take a weapon of your choice and some armor, especially a helmet."

Everybody cheered except me since I felt kind of happy and couldn't wait to see some damage- WHAT AM I THINKING!

I erased the thought from my head and asked Travis," Who's team am I going to be on?"

"Somebody has to claim you. The people leading this capture the flag is the Athena and Ares cabins, like usual. The Hermes cabin usually sticks with Athena cabin, so you can go ahead and join us."

I nodded my head as I sat there quietly, thinking about some different battle strategies.

Then the conch horn blows as I quickly get up and grab a helmet with a blue plume on top and pressed the crescent on my necklace.

I followed behind Annabeth as she strode off to tell us her plan.

"Hermes cabin will be trying to attack and maybe steal their weapons so they can't get to them. If that is successful, use the weapons to your advantage, I want the Aphrodite cabin to try and charm speak them into taking each other down, or distract them. I want Athena to charge in from the side and make sure nobody gets in, and I want Cienna to hold up the other half while me and another person guards the flag. Hold your positions, for I don't want to fail. And Percy will be tagging along with Cienna. Don't get any ideas Percy. We need Cienna."

We all nod and race off to our positions, Percy following close behind me.

I stopped in my spot and Percy went closer to the water, putting his foot in just as the whole Ares cabin comes out of hiding.

I watch as Percy makes a water wallaby I dive through so I could see their faces when I knock them senseless- NOT AGAIN!

I hit every single persons sword and twist it out their hands, and knock them out with the handle of my sword.

We hold up our front until Percy starts to falter and the water wall comes down.

I watch as they charge the flag, and I suddenly have rage flowing off of me.

It seemed as if time slowed down and I got every single one of them down, laying flat on the ground.

" Dude, you looked like a tornado!" Percy says excited.

" I am not a dude, Dude. Cienna is my name for a reason," I snap back at him and he makes an exaggerated look. He put his hand to his chest as if hurt when I heard a howl in the distance.

"That sounds like a berserk hell-hound. Let's go kill it." Percy says as I interrupt him when he finishes that sentence.

"Let the hell-hound come to us. Anyways, I am not leaving my post and you shouldn't either," I say as I wonder if he'll-hounds had pressure points and if they could- AAAAHHHH!

I clench my head as if trying to get my ADHD to stop working, when I look up and see the biggest hell-hound I have ever seen.

It took in Percy then swiped its face my way, then walking and then running at full speed towards me.

I thought about where a pressure point would be on a hell-hound if they had any. Maybe on top of their heads?

I put my weapon down as Percy just stared at me as if I was crazy, and was about to charge when I raced forward and slapped the top of its head, making it wince and howl out in pain as Percy pierced it with his sword. Almost.

I stuck out my hand and let the blade run through, wincing as I pulled my hand off of his blade and whispered in the hell-hounds ear," Go back to your owner before Perseus Jackson hunts you down."

The hell-hound responds by wincing a bit and licks my now open hand.

I back up a bit as it happily turns around and I look behind me at a shocked Chiron.

"What in the name of the gods just happened!" yelled a random camper.

"I had it all under control until Percy here tried to kill the poor baby. PERCY! It was only a year old and you try to kill it," I complain as Chiron stepped forward.

" It must have been after Percy-"

" No, it wasn't after me, it was after Cienna," he said as he cut off Chiron from speaking.

"Why would it go after Cienna and not Percy?" asked another person and I shrugged along with Percy.

" It means she is more powerful and important than you, you Seaweed Brain!" yells Annabeth as she runs up to him and punches him on the shoulder lightly.

I suddenly felt a bit queasy and said," Abort mission, captain going down," and everything went black.


I am having some problems with thinking who her parent is going to be, and I decided to let you pick a very powerful being that is not god but has more power than the Olympians could even contain.

Comment who you think should be Cienna's parent in the story and it can be female or male.

Thanks for reading and check out my other story

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