Cienna Morgan


9. Chapter Seven

I looked around the room as I noticed that I was in the infirmary, again.

I got up as Annabeth raced into the room, and lightly nudged me back down.

"What do you think you are doing?" I ask when Apollo walked through the door with a clip board in hand an a whole army of medics in tow.

"Don't even try to ask. They were worried that we might have to do another one of those surgery to heal your wound up, but it cleaned itself out and healed." Apollo then checked my vitals and everything and said,"Your good to go-" I ripped out the needles once again for the... I don't know how many times I have been here this week.

Annabeth followed me as she said,"This doesn't mean you get a break Cienna. You have had plenty of breaks for the week!" I let out a slight growl as she said this and ran off, making sure that she didn't follow me.

I ran and ran as fast as i could, making sure no one followed me.

I silently went through the gate that said,"Grove of Dodona" and completely ignored it, sauntering right through the gate, taking in the wonderful view I was blessed to see.

I also watched a lady that was by a lake that suddenly said,"Hello, child. How very nice to finally meet you. I have heard a lot about you from my grandma."

"Who is your grandma, if I may ask?" I quickly ad that last part, feeling this array of strong magic around her.

"She is Chaos," the lady said.

"Wait, are you a titan? I mean, like the titan of motherhood, the one who gave bearth to the outrageous Olympians?" I then notice the mistake I made on calling them outrageous, when Rhea just shook her head.

"I preside here in my sacred Grove of Dodona. Most people come in here and go mad, insane even from all the prophecies said in here. But of course, your not most people," Rhea said as she patted an empty spot right by her.

As I looked closer at her, she had dark brown hair that trailed down her back in waves and a flower crown upon her head.

"Is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult, Queen Rhea?"

"Please, just call me Rhea, Ciennalus."

"And you just call me Cienna then, Rhea."

We both giggled at each other as she pat her lions that laid right by her sides.

"This is Fear and Brave. They are my loyal lions through and through."

"I see," I say as I pet Brave and Fear looked a bit glum. I pat right by my side, and fear scurried over. For some reason, these creatures looked cute and adorable more than scary and killers.

"I absolutely love them already," I tell her as she pets Brave.

"You're a natural. So Cienna, have you found your godly parent?" Rhea asked as she raised her right eyebrow in curiousity.

"Sadly, I have not been claimed."

"Then enjoy it while you can. When you get claimed, most of the time, your life goes overboard and gets hectic, ending in a very bad way or you surviving with some scars left, like Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase," she says as she looks at me with a hopeful look in her eyes.




It has been about two months since I found Camp Half-Blood. I visit Rhea as much as I can and train every now and then. I have secluded myself from everyone and am now treated like an outcast. Even the Stolls don't mess with me anymore. i am still stuck in the Hermes cabin, and I am starting to think that I was a mistake. Many people are starting to think the same, and I end up praying to my godly parent every night in need for someone to come in and hopefully get me away from this place, since the gods were forced to start interacting with their children.

On this peculiar day, i wanted to run from it all.

The Ares cabin started picking on me in large groups. They knew I could harm or kill every single one of them, but they also knew I wouldn't do anything rash. Well, they thought I wouldn't.

It was just another day after I hopped out of the shower room from trying to clean myself up and changed as I heard people laughing outside.

I instantly knew it was the Ares cabin and tried to get out of the way when they shoved me to the ground.

One of them gave this type of speech, saying," You are worthless and are not considered a Demi-god to any of us. You are just a puny mortal that will never get claimed and will rot in the Fields Of Punishment."

When they finally said this.

"Your so pathetic that I am certain that your godly parent doesn't even what to claim you!" They yelled in my face.

That was the last straw.

They were to not talk about my godly parent like that, no matter what.

I stood up and kicked all the boys where the sun doesn't shine and punched the three girls that had their eyes filled with fury.

I then heard the conch horn blow, signaling that it was time for dinner.

As I entered as I saw the Olympians there, but I didn't care as I ran over to the fire and reached my hand towards it, praying,'Please, I beg you to claim me and take me away from this horrid place! I beg you!"

I didn't notice that I yelled  that last part, when i was suddenly hit by a dark light coming from the sky.

"My daughter, I have been watching from a safe distance of what has become of you, and I feel your suffering," I heard a voice yell from above. Then I felt a presence behind me and turned around quickly as I saw a lady with curly Black hair and silver like eyes staring at me with a saddened look on her face.

"Don't listen to those Ares children.  I am more than delighted to finally meet you. I am sorry I left you alone, I was having a hard time with keeping creation together since these puny gods have been destroying my worlds and galaxies," the woman said as she glared at the gods.

"How dare you call me that. You will face the wrath of my Master Bolt!" yelled Zeus as he took his bolt out and I clung myself to the woman that claimed I was her daughter.

We stood there as I braced for impact, feeling nothing when a hand brushed my back and clung to me also.

"Don't worry daughter, you are safe," I hear the woman whisper in my ear.

"What is your name, Mother?" I ask as she then raises her hand above my head and A sign with swirls in the middle and arrows sticking out of it glowed black above my head.

"I am Chaos, the creator of our world and your mother, Ciennalus Morgan Chaos. You thought your middle name was your last name for fourteen years, Cienna."

Zeus looked humiliated as I gave him my first ever glare, and he flinched.

"You shall be treated fairly on this planet, for the one I live on now is under reconstruction. I will come get you in the near future."

"I have a question, Mother. Who is my Father?"

"Chronus, known as the Primordial of time," Mother said as I looked at her with glee in my eyes.

"Why are you smiling, child?" asked Mother as I hugged her.

"I always dreamed of him being my father. I absolutely LOVE it!" I yelled as Percy became very pale over in the corner and suddenly had a glare and sneer formed on his face.

She hugged me even tighter and kissed my cheek.

I then felt like myself was being torn inside out and screamed as I suddenly couldn't see anything.

I then felt my body crash on the floor as I opened my eyes and sat up, having a coughing fit. I watched as I saw the blood that was red when I coughed it out turn to gold. 


Chaos then asked how I felt and I said I felt completely fine.

She waved me off to bed as she teleported me to a cabin. I just went through it and didn't register my surroundings as I closed my eyes when I fell over onto a king sized bed.

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