Cienna Morgan


1. Chapter One

I felt myself being carried as I noticed Julian's hair and looked up a bit to see something in the distance. I rubbed my eyes and then noticed I wasn't hallucinating.

Am I finally going crazy on account from reading all those mythology books?

”Julian, ” I whispered. He looked behind us and saw the exact same thing I was seeing. He placed me down and gripped my arm as we ran away from the monster and reached a bus terminal.

I quickly looked out the windows as Julian was telling the 24/7 bus driver where to drop us off.

I forgot to introduce ourselves.

I am Cienna Morgan. I don't remember what I look like and always wear a hoodie.

Julian Solen is the person that has basically looked after me since he was even a kid. He has black hair and warm hazel eyes and is about 5ft and 8in tall.

I slowly started to doze off as I heard growls outside the bus, and the bus driver stopped.

A sign lit up that this was the stop and he dropped us off as I held my necklace around my neck that I have had ever since I could remember.

As we got off the bus, ”I need you to press that moon crest on your necklace and get ready to hold a sword like, anytime now.” I quickly pressed it and felt something form in my hand as Julian took out a dagger from his bag.

I immediately knew what to do and stabbed one of the monsters in the gut, quickly taking it out as I felt something smash my legs, and pierce through my skin. I saw Julian lying on the ground by a growling monster, just grasping onto his last couple of breaths.

I limped over to him and pierced that monster too, and grabbed him and made sure he was safely on my back using his backpack to keep him up on my back.

As I finally found a door, I heard my bones crack and let out a piercing scream as it felt like my legs were on fire.

I held in my tears and quickly knocked on the door, and felt myself letting darkness suddenly take over.


Hello guys, author here. I just wanted to say thank you and leave your thoughts on this story in the comments.

Thanks for reading...

Cienna Morgan.

-Audrey Lynn Belles

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