Cienna Morgan


4. Chapter Four

As I woke up, I tried to recall the dream I had, when I felt a a sharp pain in my side.

I quickly picked up my clothes and went to take a shower as I remembered a plan that formed in my mind the night before for Aphrodite’s room.

I went to the Athena cabin and knocked on the door when I heard someone say, ” Come in!”

I quickly opened the door and went to the desk.” When is Annabeth going to be back?” I asked as I got a piece of paper and a pencil out and started sketching.

”She should be back any minute now. By the way, my name is Augustus. Nice to meet you, Cienna, ” said Augustus as he left the cabin, leaving me alone.

When he left, I took off my hoodie and shirt to check out the...stab wound I had.

Just then, Annabeth burst through the door with Ginger, a girl from the Apollo cabin.

They both stared at my scars, and the stab wound that I had over by my right hip.

Ginger raced over to me and put her hands by it, and I winced a bit.

” Who did this to you?” Annabeth asked, near to tears.

” A new wound shows up on my body every night, so it doesn't shock me.” I point to the stab wound, ” I got this one last night I guess. It wasn't here before.”

”Why are they not healed? Why do they look black?” asked Ginger.

” I don't know. They don't really hurt that much, ” I whisper as Ginger starts trying to heal my cut, when I took in a sharp gasp of breath and squealed out when she tried to heal it.

Then this bright light shown in the middle of the room, and Ginger said, ” Dad, something is wrong with her wounds.”

I then realized that this must be Apollo, and tried to bow down, but my body suddenly slump down when I tried, and I hit the cold surface, but could still talk and see what was going on.

” I can't move, ” I say as I quickly try to move my hand, but I am quickly moved over to Annabeth’s bed in the corner.

”Annabeth, I need you and Gin to go get Chiron. I don't care if he is in the middle of fighting a monster, just get him here, ” Apollo said eagerly and Annabeth and Ginger hurried away.

”Okay Cienna, I need you to tell me where you get these wounds from, ”Apollo asks as I try to move again, but can't.

”In my dreams. I have a nightmare every night and have had nightmares ever since I could remember, ” I say as Chiron and the other two burst in through the door, with a crowd waiting outside. Many Apollo children came through the door with all the supplies for surgeries and different tools.

”Okay Cienna, I need you to tell me when something hurts, okay?” asked Apollo as he took a needle to the open stab wound.

I nodded my head and felt a sharp pain, but I didn't say anything as the others tried to keep everyone out of the cabin and closed the windows.

”Umm, what exactly is the problem?” I asked Chiron as he stared down at Apollo working.

” There is poison inside some of these scars that hold back power and physical strength, which means that you were held back when fighting Percy this whole time. So all Apollo has to do is cut open every scar you have, extract the poison and sew it shut again, ” Chiron said, but I couldn't reply as I was engulfed in darkness.

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