Cienna Morgan


5. Chapter Five

Annabeth’s POV

I watched as Apollo then said, ”Flip her over so I can get to her other scars.”

I watched in horror as I saw her body reacting to something, maybe even a dream.

And as she did so, five marks appeared on her back, sliced by a scythe. I quickly looked away and ran out the door, grabbing Percy with me as we went back in there.

His eyes lot up with terror as he saw Cienna’s back and saw Apollo working on her. He knew that if Apollo was performing the surgery, it was beyond bad.

Apollo’s POV

I watched as the marks on her back became noticeable, and saw Annabeth run out of the room for Percy and came back in and I sew up the wounds.

Cienna’s POV

I was dropping down and down and down until I couldn't even notice if I was falling anymore.

Hello, my child. You would be in great pain now if you were awake, but I saved you from the pain and am letting you fall into an endless pit until you wake up.

You would prefer here right now rather than there. And if you don't stop freaking out, your body will continue to have scars produced all over. When you feel a little pain in whichever part of your body, that is where you get a new scar.

Now, my dear Ciennalus, stay safe on my form for right now. Whenever you are going to undergo great pain, I will meet you in the place you are now, where I can contact you and plan to see you at some point, hopefully.

Now, it has been a week now in the mortal world for the whole time we have been speaking to each other. I must let you go back to the mortal world now.


A/N: Sorry for a short chapter in four and five. That is why I made two in one day. Now please, go check out my other story,

The Legacy

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