Cienna Morgan


10. Chapter Eight

In dream.


I looked around in the vast darkness until I found Chaos right behind me.

"Cienna, I need to know if you want to go back in the past to when you were taking a shower today. You will be assigned a quest at dinner. This is the quest.


Five people will go to the land beyond the gods

A daughter of natures, another of flames

Ones lost in water, another in darkness.

Water has plan,

Unclaimed is betrayed and

Fury is ablaze.

Olympus may reign,

or die in vein.

The darkness over comes all,

Or perishes.


"I am guessing that we might have to go to Alaska. A daughter of nature... DEMETER! A daughter of Demeter will be lost in darkness. Perseus might have some trouble trying to control the water so a daughter of Hephaestus will die in the cold icy sea. Percy must have a plan of some sort.

"I am guessing that I might be betrayed and get angry at something. Olympus might go down or stay up. Then the darkness... VOID! Might be Void and Nyx working together. And then perish must mean that they have a chance of perishing. Is this all correct, Mother?" I ask her.

"Cienna, there is a reason that I pulled you back in time. Some of your powers are still locked in crystal ball inside your body. When it starts cracking, that means your are actually becoming your true self. This also means that the Olympians will be weary about you, and you need to be careful. Now, you must wake!"


In shower room.


I felt the prickling feeling of the water hitting my shoulder when I shut it off and put my clothes on.

I ignored the Ares cabin kids that were by the doorway and walked off towards the Dining Pavilion, ignoring every stare.

I sat down at the Hermes table and Chiron said,"We will be starting to have dinner with the Olympians for now on so they get to know their sons and daughters. They can sit at the table up here or they can sit at their tables with their children."

I watched as Hermes started walking over to his childrens table and he sat exactly across from me.

"Pleased to meet you, Ciennalus," Hermes said. I gripped the knife that was right beside me and told him to call me Cienna.

"Ok, Cienna, do you have any clue who your godly parent is?"

"No, and I don't care if I ever get claimed. Planned it from the beginning when I was left all alone since I ran away from the orphanage. Never meet my parents, and we are on good terms. Pretty simple of a plan, yes?"

Hermes shook his head and then asked," But don't you want to know who your parents are, not even your mother? Are you planning on staying unclaimed forever?"

"No, I know my parents will claim me sooner or later.  Just wondering if you guys might throw me into Tartarus if you have to wait so long too find who my parent is or if my parents are to strong and you can not risk having me around."

"You are a great thinker. Maybe a child of Athena?"

"Like I haven't heard that one before. I am stuck here until the end, and I do enjoy your childrens company. They are very mischevious and bring the life to a party."

Hermes was about to say something when we noticed everyone staring. I turned my head to the left to see the Oracle reciting a quest.

She told me the same thing my mother told me and I said,"Well, I will pick some people to come with me. Let us see. A daughter of Demeter and Hephaestus and a water boy. Sure sounds like Percy might be joining us, including Sanya and Vienna. When shall we start this quest?" I asked towards the gods and they quietly spoke about it together until they finally came to a conclusion.

"We will send you off in the morning. I believe that we have all had a long day, so let us go to bed,"Zeus replied as I got up and walked back to the Hermes cabin.

I opened the window slightly and took a deep breath as I fell asleep, appearing in Tartarus.

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