Fading Colours

The colours get lighter and more vibrant as your world seems to become perfect, and nothing could ever change it

Until the worst thing happens and you’re stuck, in a world where you don’t know what to do anymore; with all the colours around you draining away until you are stuck in a place where everything is dim and shrouded in darkness, a place that everyone wants to escape


1. Prolouge

Everything was dimmed, colours not as bright as what you and I are used to and yet? Everyone lived their lives with as much happiness as they could manage, with the colour almost completely stripped from it.

There was one way in which you could restore the world to its brightness, see in vivid colours of yellow and green, deep blues and purples. A way in which even the blacks and greys looked phenomenal. To meet your soulmate, the person that the universe has decided would be the one for you. Despite the strife and turmoil that you may go through, despite the upset and anger that is life, in the mess of existence you will find love in its purest form. A love that is so magnificent and wonderful that it makes your heart beat faster and makes your cheeks flush crimson just upon hearing their name. A love like you had never experienced, a love truly like no other.

Some people were lucky, meeting the person that brightened their world and made it complete at the mild age of fifteen, and some never met them. Going each day from pillar to post seeing everything doused in darkness. They never got to see the brightness of the blazing sun in the morning or the way the stars glimmered across a deep navy sky at night, paired with the moon that illuminated the world with its calming gaze.

But this story isn’t about the children who found love in high school, or the people who were unable to find their match. This story is about a man and a woman, and the marriage and life that they shared all before the world took a turn and things were no longer as bright and colourful as they had once been.

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