Normal That's all she wants to be but in her life what is normal and is she normal what will she have to do to finely be ......


1. 16/12/19

Dear Diary

​​Wow how crazy is this I'm actually writing a diary.

​well its not as if I've never wrote a diary, but my life is so boring that i never thought I should have but look at me now. ​I know no one will see this so why am i writing as if someone will.... well i mean you never know my brother might break into it.

​Well if I'm going to continue to talk like I'm talking to a person better introduce myself...

​Ahem I'm Sam; well technically Samantha but everybody calls me Sam which is kind of ironic because I'm short so it's alliteration Short Sam. I'm a total geek i know but at least I have friends and don't have to sit and be a loner. unlike the other geeks at my school I'm not intelligent i just like to use big words like "trawling" ​​which just means fishing but its fancy just like me.

​Any way I've been told i look like a goth pixie i don't even have a pixie hair cut my hair is actually at my bum but its a mixture of blue, pink, purple and some black roots which mix in with the look pretty well but I'm no goth i love pastel pink and blue and i love all bright colours our school has a strict uniform though so i cant even use that but my blazer has so many badges on it, it doesn't even look like a blazer anymore but anyway i have to go eat dinner see yaa


​Byeeeee ​ Sam~

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