Songs Of My Own

this is where all the songs I've written (from my original musical or otherwise) have landed.


2. Stay

Just before we start I'd like to say that this song is unfinished but off to a good start! It's slower than many of my others and I've only sung it accapella so far. It may find itself a spot in my musical? Who knows? anyways enjoy!




Sometimes you feel so alone

Sometimes you just need a place to call home 

Sometimes you need someone around

To pick you up, up off the ground 


Well maybe you could brush those tears away

But maybe there's a reason that you don't feel so okay 

'Cause when you can't hold vigor in your hand

You can stay


Stay and-


Stay and live on

It gets better, stay and see the dawn

Red and singing like a robins song

And you can't exactly see it when you're gone





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