The Legacy

Edmund is known as any other orphan in the country known as Macnes, the leading country in their world. I note that some things might be very confusing, but bear with me.


4. Something Goes Horribly Wrong

As I woke up that morning, I felt like today wasn't going to be a good day.

As I slowly opened my door after I got my stuff packed and uniform on, I sat down at the dinner table and ate a piece of toast, Brad yelling at the others once again. I quickly got in the car and looked outside the window as we zoomed past fields of corn and wheat.

I got out of the car with the others as I looked at my schedule. First period, Mathematics. I was taught at the orphanage, so I should hopefully be fine.

As I walked into the classroom, I took the last seat in the back when I looked at the board and the teacher in the front wrote his name on the board for me.

It was Mr.Brenner, and he quickly said, ”Silence. We have a new student in this class. Please come up here.”

I slowly walked to the front of the class and said, ” Hello, I am Edmund Hamilton.” I scurried back to my seat as fast as I could when Mr.Brenner then said, ”Why don't we check out your math skills, Edmund. Please, come up here and solve this problem.

He then wrote down this.

Four plus ten divided by two times three plus six.

I figured out the problem and put twenty-five in word form.

He then nodded and I went back to my seat, not wanting anymore attention than necessary.

After class was over, they let us play in the courtyard for ten minutes.

I sat down and read a book about swordmanship and new tactics when I heard Joshua say, ’Why are we reading these things while we can be doing this?’ he asked furiously and I shook my head, telling him we were in the courtyard and I didn't want to get in trouble when I heard a scream come from behind the school, and saw someone run towards a teacher when I saw someone crying into a teachers shoulder as the teacher stared at the body.

I tried to look at what everyone was looking at when someone shoved me to the ground yelling, ” This is all your fault, Edmund!” the person yelled at me as they kicked me over and over again until I saw black spots everywhere, and passed out.

---------------TIME LAPSE-----------------

I woke up in a room full of light when I saw beds around the room, but nobody there except a person checking something on the computer.

”Your awake! Well get up. You need to go to the headmaster’s office, ” the person said as they pointed to the exit of the infirmary and I grabbed my bag and jacket while rushing out the door.

How dare they? I will personally murder this person if you want.’

Don't even think about it, I said in my mind.

I opened the door with a loud bang and Headmaster Solen got up from his desk and led me to a seat.

” It seems that someone has died on your acord , Edmund. Look at this photo. Do you notice this girl?”

He showed me a picture of a girl from my class that had curly blonde hair and light blue eyes.

” Yes. She was in my archery class yesterday, why?”

”She is the one that got killed, and by the looks of it, tortured. There was a message inscripted in her skin on her stomach.” He then showed me a picture of the girl’s stomach and I flinched as I read the note on her stomach.

Give me Edmund Hamilton, or others shall be taken.

I looked at Headmaster Solen and asked, ” What do we do then?”

”We inform all the student’s parents and we make sure you are especially kept safe, under any circumstances. I sent Charlotte and Brad a letter about what happened and they should be on their way.”

I sighed as I fell back into the chair when I heard a knock on the door.

The headmaster said come in and Charlotte dashed over to me, making sure I was fine.

” What exactly was this note, stating that Edmund is in danger?” Brad asked as he stormed into the office after Charlotte held my hand for me to get up.

” Someone wants him, but I'm not sure for what. They even went as far as to kill one of our students. I suggest that he stays at home under protection 24/7. He will still have his lessons sent over to him in homework form. We just need to make sure he is safe, because if these people went that far for just a person, then they will probably go farther, even try to kiddnapp him.”

”We understand. Come on, Edmund. We must go now. Send his homework to our place up on the third floor at the room that's in the left wing at the end of the hall.”

” I wish you safe travels,ma’am.”

”And I wish you safe students, Solen. Now come on, follow me.” Charlotte then looked me in the eyes and then dragged me along with her to the car.

I was now in my room, into some comfortable clothes when some paper flew through the balcony doors. I ran down the stairs to Charlotte as she looked at the letters I got.

She then says, ” This is your homework for today. Here. We have a training arena on the first floor in the east wing. This maid will lead you there. There should be a trainer there to help you with you physical homework. Get going now, and I want it all done by dinner.”

I hurry off to training when Joshua suddenly comes to the surface, and he whispers in my mind.

Why don't we both just be in control at once? Like half and half?

I guess that could work, ’ I answer to Joshua.

I feel myself change ever so slightly as we both take control.

As I walk through the doors, I dodge an arrow and quickly dodge another one by rolling down and quickly getting back up, grabbing the nearest weapon I had close to me, a throwing dagger. I quickly threw it in the direction the arrows came from and heard a loud thump and gasp as I looked where the dagger went and noticed that it pinned a person up against the wall.

”Good job on your first throwing dagger lesson. Now, onto the next lesson, Archery. You know how to shoot a bow and arrows, right?” I nodded my head and asked what his name was.” Just call me Carl. I am you physical education teacher.” Carl quickly shot an arrow at me again.

I quickly jumped from one side of the arena to the other and took a sword off the shelf as I made it slash through some arrows and finally got close enough to Carl to where he had to surrender.

”Good. Now, what about hand-to-hand lesson, ” he said quickly and threw a punch towards my chest as I bent down and he sent a quick kick my way as I jump up and block his other bunch by grabbing his hand and twisting his arm until he also tries to kick his leg out from under him to make me topple over when I also grabbed his leg and quickly pinned him to the ground.

Like he could take us down with that weak move.

”What about you shut your mouth, Joshua, ” I said out loud on accident, but thankfully Carl didn't notice and yelled, ” I SURRENDER!”

I quickly backed up as he raised himself back to his feet, gently rubbing his wrist.

”Next lesson tomorrow at 1:00. Be prepared.”

I nodded my head as Joshua snickered in my head then he sighed in agony.

Paper homework is next, yay.

Did I sense some sarcasm there, Joshua?’ I ask in my mind as I make my way to my room and quickly do my homework, flying through all the subjects and they all disappeared as I finished them.

I heard someone knock on my door as I looked at the clock.

I still had about an hour until dinner. I opened the door to see Ruby standing there.

” Edmund, can you come with me?”

” Why?”

She then walked into the room and locked the door behind her, then morphing into a monster.

”Why can't you just listen?” it asked as I quickly ducked out of the way and grabbed a dagger I had on my desk.

I pierced through the monsters heart, or where it should be, and it turned into dust that quickly went away.

I turned towards the clock on the wall as someone else knocked on the door. Joshua and I decided to keep it a secret. I opened the door and the maid said dinner was ready.

I quickly ran down the stairs and then walked to the table as I sat at my usual spot.

” Edmund, if you didn't mind, I watched you while you were doing physical education, and I couldn't help but notice that your techniques made it look like you had been fighting for year's. How come?” Charlotte asked as I tapped a napkin at my face.

” I just really like physical education, I guess. I take it more seriously than the other classes, but I of course try my best in all of my classes, ” I reply, saying the truth.

” I am happy to hear you feel that way. Now, why don't we hurry up and eat so that we can all get a good nights rest?”

We all nodded at what Charlotte said, and I quickly ate a roll and two spoons of mashed potatoes, and rushed up to my room, quickly taking a shower.

As I laid in my bed, my eyelids started drooping ever so slightly, until the darkness became to much to bare, and I found it rather comforting than threatening.


A/N:Thank you for reading and go check out my other story Cienna Morgan.


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