The Legacy

Edmund is known as any other orphan in the country known as Macnes, the leading country in their world. I note that some things might be very confusing, but bear with me.


2. Preparing For School

I looked at myself in the mirror as I was examining myself, since I haven't looked in a mirror for years, afraid of what my appearance looked like.

I have black curly hair. My bangs reach to right below my eyes, and the rest of my hair was in multiple of curls, going long enough to the base of my neck. My gray eyes stormed over with multiple colors, looking as if different storm clouds swirling around, trying to hide the past I will always want to forget. I moved down to see the scar I had equipped myself with since I was a little lad. It carries down from my right eyebrow all the way to where it cuts into my lip.

I always tried to remember my childhood when I lived with my mom and dad until I was five. It was like somebody took away my memories, making me question my own existence.

I heard two knocks on the door and opened it wide.

There stood a maid in normal clothes that said," Follow me, young master."

"Just call me Edmund," I said, but she ignored me as she quickly walked down the hall, and turned a sharp right, leading down the stairs.

We entered a big dining hall that had a long table in the middle with paintings occupying the spaces on the walls.

I was forced to sit between the twins, Lucien and Lucas. I felt them stare at my scar on my face as I slowly began to eat.

it seemed like they were debating on what to do when Charlotte said," Everyone, this is Edmund. He is the new acquaintance to our family in which he is now also known as a brother. Please treat him nicely. I don't want any harm to Edmund while he is enjoying his stay her for awhile, unless he shows lack in studying, lack of hand-to-hand combat, or weapon-to-weapon combat. Now, schools is tomorrow, and I expect all of you to behave. Understood?"

Everyone said yes mother while I sat there silently, looking at the food on my plate, thinking about all the memories I still had to uncover inside my head.

I quickly excused myself as I felt my body about to go into a trance for the second time today.

"Are you okay, Edmund?" Charlotte asks me as I get up out of my seat.

"No, ma'am. I am just going to go shower and get some rest for school tomorrow," I said so I didn't worry her.

"Okay, go rest now."

I made my way to my room, allowing myself to take a quick shower and fall asleep in bed.

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