The Legacy

Edmund is known as any other orphan in the country known as Macnes, the leading country in their world. I note that some things might be very confusing, but bear with me.


8. Macnes History

A/N: Hello guys and girls. I am sorry I haven't updated in a while. Please forgive me!

Anyways, I wanted to tell you guys the history of Macnes. Please, enjoy!

The world Macnes is located in has only two continents that take up most of the region and are connected. The continent Macnes is located on is called Lonses. There is another continent called Emperial.

Emperial wanted to take over most of the world, so they set to work on Lonses and won the battle there. They took control of the countries that were located in Lonses.

King Alcan, that ruled Macnes, was a fair and just king at the time and wealth was abundant in Macnes.

But, when Emperial took over, they decided to take up new kings that they hand picked so that the countries couldn't rebel against them.

But in Macnes, there was this guild called The Argonauts. A guild in Macnes is known as a group of people who go on quest and take down monsters for money. The Argonauts was ruled by Alcan until his death. It was rumored that him and his wife had a daughter that later married into the Wardell family and the son took over. He figured out how to keep them known but safely hidden so that no one would have to die for no reason.

The guild now has a sign so they can make sure who is who. It is where you cross your thumbs to make an X sign. There is also a secret that the king knows.

People known as Sixth-senses are killed if found because it says that Alcan's Seer will seek out the true heir once he/she finds the Century Stone and the true heir touches it and it absorbs into his body so he can rule all.

Now, don't eat rocks kids. Rocks can make you very sick and have stomach aches, and they are not friendly.

I remember these three kids in First Grade at my school are rocks and bragged about it in front of my friend and I.

She stormed over to their teacher while dragging them along with her.

The bad thing was that the First Grade teacher is the principle! I remember laughing so hard at her expression! But, I am not here to encourage you, I am here to warn you.

Anyway, to present day Macnes. Macnes now knows some magic and The Argonauts are becoming restless for their true heir to arrive with Alcan's Seer.

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